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Clickimin Loch


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... this one is not listed in The Railways Of Shetland

When I noticed that book in the shop I first thought it was some kind of ironic joke title. On examination I discovered it was serious and there really had been quite a few. As the Clickimin rails were the only I had personally encountered, I had a look for them inside, but as MJ states, they have been missed by the trainspotterish book. Must confess that I found quite a lot of the material which is included interesting.

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I think it goes back to the days when Clickimin used to freeze over during the late 19th / early 20th century.

I don't think so. My memory was that it formed part of the model yacht developments which were never finished. I wasn't sure I remembered correctly so asked various people before posting. They have all said the same thing so it looks likely. The concrete path thing along the NW shore was built at that time and I think the idea was to link the eye to both the broch peninsula and the loch shore with causeways. The project was supposedly abandoned due to WWII.


Why they did not build the causeways from the shore rather than from the eye makes no sense of course, irrespective of ultimate usage.

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Have a look at the loch in Google Earth, at the south end there appear to be man-made structures under the surface, from the Øy to the shore heading NE and from the shore SW. Maybe these are part of the same thing.

I can remember short post sticking out of the water with wires between. These were part of the model yachting developments to divert the yachts from the shallower parts.

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Have a look at the loch in Google Earth,

Nice idea.


...from the Øy to the shore heading NE

Had no idea this was the spelling but it makes perfect sense. That structure is the one shown in the photo above.


... and from the shore SW.

This is interesting as it clearly lines up with the other.


It is years since I was there and looking at the GE image I was surprised to note that there appears to be quite a lot of rubble. That would explain the reason for building from both ends. I wonder if the rubble used to be part of yet more ancient construction.

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