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Ness United FC ladies team

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Ness United Football Club are looking to form a ladies team to compete in the Shetland Womens Football Associations 2009 competitions.

Players have to be 14 years old or over to compete in the associations competitions. If you are interested in playing or helping run the team then please email info@nessunitedfc.org.uk or send a PM.


If there are adequate numbers to field a team then a public meeting will be held to go over details such as coaching and training, as well as answering any questions regarding running the team.


As the numbers of women playing football continues to grow this is a good chance to become involved with a club that has the support and resources to build a successful team, through Ness Uniteds continued work towards the SFA quality mark program they are able to offer good chances to coaches and players alike to improve their skills.

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The 1st step should be to get woman players who are from the Ness but play ALREADY for other Shetland sides. Building a side from scratch could be pretty tough and to be honest i can't think of too many players from the Ness around 18-22 who want to play.


The rules of the competition allow players from 14yrs old and above to compete Ballack, we believe that from within the Ness United catchment area the club could get around 20 players for a squad which we think a realistic number.


There is now a push by the SFA and active schools to set-up a girls school competition which is open to S1 to S3 pupils, there were 5 girls that turned up to the first session whilst not enough for a team straight off it is a good start as none of these players had previously been involved in any organised football.


We need to start somewhere if we wait for players to get to the 18-22 age bracket they more often than not will have choosen another sport.

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