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Companies who deliver to Shetland & Courier Agents


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[mod]Will add additional items to this list and sticky for easy access. Title altered on 14/03/2009 to include & Courier Agents[/mod]


Mainland Courier --> Shetland Agent

DHL --> Northwards

FedEx --> Streamline

ANC (FedEx) --> Streamline

City Link --> Local Agent WDA Parcels - 01595 692811 - Link to parcel tracking website: City-Link Tracking

Amtrak --> Northwards

UPS --> Northwards

Parcelforce --> Royal Mail


Retailers - Mainland Delivery - Shetland Delivery

Dell Computers --> Ian Reid

Marks & Spencers --> Streamline (if you spend more than £30 do not charge postage to UK (and that includes Shetland!))




Mamas and Papas

Play.com - like amazon but postage is free on everything no matter how little you spend,

Amazon.co.uk - but some of its shops i've found don't deliver up here


Amazon Delivered my new TV and Home cinema very quickly without any extra deliver charges ( all from amazon not external businesses )


John Lewis No Delivery Charges

Furniture Choice ( only delivered to Shetland transport Aberdeen, but very helpful and thoroughly recommend them if you want a sofa )

Office Furniture online Delivery was costly for office chair ( so got from SOS ) other items were reasonable and friendly service via emails.

Fornisca Claimed free delivery but then phoned me to say it would cost £47 for delivering a bed up here was I still happy to go through with the order. which is still to arrive but it is still within the time frame they gave me.

Cube 247 very easy people to work with and free delivery

Asda Direct

The Cot Mattress Company

MoreComputers.com for computers, hardware, cameras, etc etc.

Tesco Direct are delivering here for a trial period. Charges are quite expensive. Ordinary delivery £4.95 to mainland. Delivery here surcharge of £15 on small items and £55 on larger items!

7DayShop photographic and blank cd's/dvd's etc. postage included in the price. Comes with Royal mail.

Mattress Man Free Delivery & very good deals which are constantly updated.

Argos --> Shearer Shipping (or SBS)

tekheads.co.uk delivered my new monitor to Lerwick in 3 days for about 7 quid. (28" flat screen)

bigpockets CityLink --> WDA

Viking Direct



Companies providing FREE Delivery

artifolk - art supplies. Free delivery (even to ZE) over £40. Excellent service too and prices are stunniing.

oyyy - mostly computer stuff. Same rates as shipping on the mainland. Prices are often lower than Amazon!

blinds-2go - Orders over £75 free to Shetland and ALL orders on genuine VELUX blinds free.


Wiggle.co.uk do free delivery on everything "except bikes".

chainreactioncycles do free delivery on everything INCLUDING bikes

eurocarparts - fantastic 2 day free service

Empire Stores - do not charge for deliveries and if you checkout myvoucehercodes you can often find items with up to 20% discount

bigpockets CityLink --> WDA





All sell high quality torches and ship them to Shetland free of charge

Best Pet Pharmacy - FedEx/Streamline


Carrier Contact Details


Charleston Dist Centre



AB12 3LL

TEL: 01224 891122

FAX: 01224 891133



DHL International (UK) Ltd.

West Avenue

Phoenix Industrial Estate








01224 248 191

01224 879 617 (fax)



The above information was thought to be correct at time of addition but please note that delivery agents are subject to change and the above information may or may not be correct. If you happen to notice a mistake please let us know by posting a reply to this thread.





Just wanting to know what companies deliver to Shetland without huge delivery costs. I'm getting fed up looking up Christmas presents, clothes or housey things only to find that they don't deliver up here.


So far I've discovered:





Mamas and Papas


Amazon.co.uk - but some of its shops i've found don't deliver up here



If you could add to the list it would be great.

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[mod]The two threads - "Free deliveries to Shetland?" to "Companies who deliver to Shetland & Courier Agents" have been merged at this point on 14/03/2009.[/mod]


Could Shetlink members perhaps post to this thread details of companies who do not charge for deliveries to the islands? Also, perhaps, state what sort of products they deal in.

I have already noted the names John Lewis and ebuyer.com but thought it might be worthwhile to have such a source of information available in one place.


Apologies if such a list has been compiled in the past but, when I move to Shetland in early April, it would be of much assistance to me.



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I have just looked at e-buyer and they charge a massive £12.99 + 36p a kilo for deliveries to Shetland which counts as Scottish offshore which is why they did not get my order which went to Amazon despite the product being £6 dearer from Amazon.


Already said this elsewhere but a warning about people who ship from the Channel Islands as Play.com do. Imports over £18 can leave you as the buyer and therefore the importer liable to both vat and customs duty. Something to be aware of before placing a big order.

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Ebuyer does quote extra shipping to scottish island on their website, however as long as you're not ordering a massive item and you pick 3 day delivery it is at no extra charge, although it isn't free


as a test I tried to order a 17"tft and it didnt charge extra - however a 37" plasma they wouldnt ship to anything other than mainland.


So small electrical items seem ok for the moment

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I buy almost all my "goodies" from Bigpockets now, and have done for some time.


They charge no extra for delivery here, are lighning fast (Citylink-WDA) and they always have a stock of Free Delivery items, so if you add one of them to your order, delivery is free, even if the free delivery item is a £5.99 set of speakers you can sell for a tenner on Ebay.


(some amazing bargains on there too just now, check out the Bag o Crap :-) )

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