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Companies who deliver to Shetland & Courier Agents

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I do like the fact that northwards and WDA both are so courteous when I phone up to rearrange delivery/collection, item ordered tuesday night would have been delivered tomorrow on the wast run, but they're quite happy for someone to pop round to pick it up today, meaning I have it in my hand less than 48hrs after ordering it. When working in town, they've both not had any problem with delivering to my work, working odd shifts it's not easy knowing where I'm going to be on any one day.

It's also great they seem to be able to put their hands on any package within a few minutes of being asked (rather than taking several weeks)

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It can sit at that status "at local depot" for a few days , there doesn't seem to be much of a rush for the Shetland stuff as far as I can see , I had a car part one time that was at local depot for a

I think the problem is that people have a nostalgia for a time when they had a local postie who knew them by name, lived in the same area and had been doing the same route for years.   Unfortunately

I ordered a nice new TV from amazon on sunday (sorry local retailers, I did look in your shops and I dont mind paying a little extra to buy something locally but I cant afford to throw away £100) I w

I haven`t read the whole thread,but as i stated once before,we have just received excellent service from JBT.


Both pick up from the middle of England and a quick delivery here. I also find their prices reasonable.


They have made purchasing large, heavy stuff from Ebay,as simple as buying locally.

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Does anyone know who delivers Yodel courier parcels here in Shetland?


edit: Google says DHL


I had a Yodel parcel delivered by Northwards


It was delivered by Northwards. That explains why it took 6 days to get from Aberdeen!


I don't think it specifically matters wether you use Shetland Transport, Northwards or Streamline when it comes to haulage/deliveries from mainland. You might stike it lucky depending on boat sailings, weekends, holidays, Aberdeen depot workers efficiency etc. Your package could be here in as little as 1 to 2 days from when it arrives in ABZ or could well take a week if things aren't in your favour.


That just seems to be the way things go when you live here. I tell myself thsat the package will take 5 days when I know its in Aberdeen because I think thats pretty realistic and avoids dissapointment.

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[i got phone no of yodel from firm sending my parcel, they were really helpful. unfortunately in my opinion they use Northwards for Shetland deliveries. I have found them slow Yodel took two days from south of England to Aberdeen Northwards base then it took seven days for Northwards to deliver. not helpful on the phone either.

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