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Companies who deliver to Shetland & Courier Agents

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It can sit at that status "at local depot" for a few days , there doesn't seem to be much of a rush for the Shetland stuff as far as I can see , I had a car part one time that was at local depot for a

I think the problem is that people have a nostalgia for a time when they had a local postie who knew them by name, lived in the same area and had been doing the same route for years.   Unfortunately

I ordered a nice new TV from amazon on sunday (sorry local retailers, I did look in your shops and I dont mind paying a little extra to buy something locally but I cant afford to throw away £100) I w

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Just had to pay £20 extra for an electrical item from another website as AMAZON wouldn't deliver it up here, although they'd happily deliver the other - larger - item in my 'basket' for free.


Couldn't find it cheaper anywhere else... infuriating! I did try several other retailers, but most had a 'checkout powered by Amazon', so same result - even though they said they used royal mail (always the same price ANYWHERE in the UK) on their own independent website. Pah!

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Sorry if someone has already asked this, but does anyone know who Yodel uses as 3rd party carrier up here - I ordered a laptop from Currys/pc world, and they are the delivery agent they use before it gets to Aberdeen, but never heard of them before, so unsure who gets it from Aberdeen?


Also, New look quite often (not always) do free delivery up here - even if its not I think its just 2.99 regardless of order size...


Simply be/jacamo/the brilliant gifshop.com (all same parent company) deliver through Hermes/streamline.

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^^ Yodel is the new name for what used to be Home Delivery Network, who used Streamline. However there seems to be some suggestion that DHL has been swallowed up by, or at least is associated with Yodel as well, and they used Northwards. Soooo......its gonna need somebody whose had a Yodel delivery very recently to say for sure.

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Is this an "Amazon Marketplace" seller?. Sadly they make their own rules when it comes to delivery costs to Shetland. Have to admit that I am going more towards e-bay sellers for some things just because of shipping costs.


Yup, finding that myself. Ebay it is then!

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You can stiil complete the survey




(Les Irving) added that the survey had proved so popular that CAB had now decided to continue it online to allow more people give evidence.


Urging local people to respond to it now, Mr Irving said: “We closed the survey a few weeks ago, but since then we’ve had lots of people contacting us to say they’d missed the deadline but really wanted to tell us their story.


“Anyone who wants to report their experience or express their opinion can do so at http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/FreeDelivery until the survey finally closes at midnight on 19 January 2012.

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I ordered an item from a Glasgow firm, and paid extra for 48 hour delivery (should have been 24, but with being in Shetland..). 48 hours later, no sign and no tracking details available on Yodels site. 24 hours and 3 increasingly irate calls from me later, still no delivery & their site now showed as being "out for delivery". 1 more call and I was told it had been delivered and signed for by a Mr #####, NOT me or anyone I know.


Through this site, I found Yodel = Streamline at this end. I called them and the lass told me it was "just in" at 11am, and if I called along the depot at 4.30pm, it would be ready. She also said she would call the depot for me.


At 4.40, I went along the depot. I was told it was "just in" and that they "hadn't had a chance to sort the cages yet". I said I had called earlier & it was in at 11, due to be ready at 4.30 and was more or less called a liar. I was told no one at the Garthspool office remembered my call ("they're very busy"!!) and that they "certainly wouldn't have told you that". I was also told the lass couldn't possibly have checked the manifest, as the person I was speaking to had set up the electronic system himself and the items weren't logged through at the time of my call.


I was sent away, basically, and told it would not be available for delivery for another 2 days, as I stayed in South Mainland (5 minutes from Lerwick, on a bad traffic day!!!). I tried to say the item was on 48 hour delivery, which I'd paid for and was told "we are not yodel, take it up with them". I also found that their guys in Aberdeen sign all yodel items as "delivered" when they collect them there!! I confess I lost it a bit and raised my voice (although I didn't

swear or abuse anyone), but I even apologised for that before I left.


I ended up having to go in to collect the item 2 days later when it was ready. The staff member there was laughing, as they had "heard all about" my previous attempt to uplift and how annoyed I had apparently left the guy I had spoke to. They also told me he had only been there months and had NOT set up any new manifest system.


I have to say, I will try and avoid Streamline at all costs in future, thanks to this. The level of arrogance, the lack of any customer service - if they are contracted by a courier I pay for a special service, they should complete that commitment, surely?? - the whole experience left me really really annoyed and frustrated, as well as seriously inconvenienced at not having the item in time, or anywhere near it!!



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Yeah, a lesson learned the hard way. Like so many others here, I find that - other than Amazon - the fastest, most reliable method is Royal Mail!


It narks me, though, when you get some companies or vendors telling you it'll cost extra to send through Royal Mail because, as one numpty told me when I enquired into his surcharge recently "all sales out with the UK are subject to this". And that was AFTER I'd asked him to check his map. He tried telling me that the ZE postcode "must be given out by Royal Mail, like the Forces bases and outposts are overseas". :roll:


On the subject of Amazon, I've maybe said it here before, but to illustrate their superb service, I ordered a 40" LCD TV through them at around 8pm on a Tuesday, with super saver (free) delivery. It arrived at 10am on the Thursday. I haven't found ANY online or telephone supplier able to best that yet.

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