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Companies who deliver to Shetland & Courier Agents

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I was trying to but a small heated pad on ebay.

A seller, hittime_3c stated the "Doesn't post to Scottish Islands"
Their location? Hong Kong (or Singapore), and they state that they post worldwide!
I emailed them and got this reply:

"dear friend,

thank you for your interest in our product ,

since the customs problem , we could not ship the item to SCOTTISH ISLANDS . sory to you

have a nice day !

Best regards


Customs problems???

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It can sit at that status "at local depot" for a few days , there doesn't seem to be much of a rush for the Shetland stuff as far as I can see , I had a car part one time that was at local depot for a

I think the problem is that people have a nostalgia for a time when they had a local postie who knew them by name, lived in the same area and had been doing the same route for years.   Unfortunately

I ordered a nice new TV from amazon on sunday (sorry local retailers, I did look in your shops and I dont mind paying a little extra to buy something locally but I cant afford to throw away £100) I w

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DFS delivered my sofa to lerwick.......iam not sure if it was ment to happen but i paid the £55 delivery charge and what we discussed in store was that they would slip it to shetland transport and id pay the rest......


anyway they off their own back delivered to streamline.....and although i collected from streamline is was down as to be delivered to the house...no extra charge


£55 for 2 x 2 seaters and one chair

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