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Companies who deliver to Shetland & Courier Agents


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If you contact the company you purchased the item from they will arrange return. It is collected by streamline but they can't collect until they are instructed to by Hermes. Alternatively you could pack and address the item and drop off at streamline office  who will return and give you a receipt.

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I phoned Streamline who said:


If the Return label the company provides has a Hermes Barcode, you take the parcel to them,

the depot at Garthspool


If the Return label has a "Collect Plus" logo- you take it to Sound Service.



So I have opened a 'Return' with Ebay and await instructions...

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I don't know if this has been said before, (I haven't followed topic), but Streamline saved me money

on postage/delivery costs.

I wanted some kitchen cupboard doors of a particular type but the company didn't deliver to islands.

so I thought I would buy locally, they would order. They gave me a quote.

The price had grown substantially......

So I went back to company, (after checking with Streamline), and asked them to deliver to Streamline

base in Aberdeen. No problem.

I picked up three 720mm x 600mm kitchen cupboard doors at their Lerwick base and saved about £90.

It was only three small cupboard doors, patterned melamine surface chipboard.

Enough said!

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Hi everyone. I'm looking at getting a large flatpack shed delivered here. It would be coming from Warwickshire and would probably need to come on a 3.5 tonne flatbed. The company that makes them won't deliver here so need to arrange myself!


Any advice about good companies to do so would be greatly appreciated!




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@ Beans&Jam


Hate to say it, but have you considered the fact that the shed might not survive a Shetland winter?  You are probably going to be better off buying a shed in Shetland.

Just make it more aerodynamic



You can also get Argos from J.W. Grey they have sheds if you don't like those they are cheap-ish and could be used for parts.

What this guy needs is more lumber and Plastic drain pipes.


Lock-down still in effect basically drive through or arrange collection at DIY places, Not sure where you get used wood like old phone poles gates etc, Thick pieces is what you need to reinforce and if its just gonna be burred you don't need the clean finished type but Ive seen people are getting that for DIY projects.

Who is open for a good sensibly priced bit of wood, Dont get to Lerwick much since the Lock down i know there is a place not in Lerwick but further south

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