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Companies who deliver to Shetland & Courier Agents


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I would very much like to support the local shops, and I do so when I can,but I have to live on a budget like many other families. Not everyone has unlimited funds to spend. I will buy the things I need at the cheapest price available to me, whether that be locally, or from outwith Shetland.

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Imagine how expensive life will be up here when there are no shops because it is no longer viable to open up every day for the few customers willing to spend their money localy.

Yes i will admit that some local traders do take the piss and they will have to change to survive, but how many folk even give the local shops a chance.

prices are based on volume of trade the more you sell the lower a markup you can afford to put on any item, Shetland buisnesses are restricted by population and if half the population choose to spend their money outwith the island how can they ever hope to reduce prices.

As well as working offshore I do have a lot of experiance of retail trade so i am not talking out my muckle sphincter when i say this.

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If you find staff to be rude tell them that you think so tell the boss that you think so, if it is the boss that is rude then they won't survive long in buisness, and you won't have to worry about it.

Too many on here look for reasons not to shop localy instead of looking for reasons why they should.


I'll give you an example of why you buy localy I bought a van up here and it was not a good purchase I went back to the garage and got fobbed off by the staff working there, I then spoke to the owner of the garage who agreed to buy back the van and find me a better one without it costing me any more money. Do you honestly think that if I had bought the van from south I would of had the same result when things went wrong.


Example 2 i bought a couple of cloches from ebay and when they arrived they were not as advertised i contacted the seller right away and told them I was not happy with the product, they then entered into a long period of emails back and fore promising to sort it out but never acctually doing anything low and behold once the time period for leaving feedback was passed they told me to sausage off, I informed ebay and copied all correspondance to their complaints department only to get an automated reply that I had gone over the time period allowed for them to follow up the complaint. tough titty.


I will shop on the internet if i can't get the product I am after locally.

But remember when it comes to returns you will find that the cost of returning faulty goods south far outways the cost of the goods in the first place.

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While I agree that you should always give the local business's a chance (best price for a particular Bosch fridge freezer in UK was from a local supplier) some of the firms are taking the p**s with prices .We saw a nice sofa at a local company and enquired about the price , we were quoted £1100 , after a wee search online I got it for £765 delivered to Aberdeen from a firm down sooth , the shipping with Northwards to here was £76 , that's a saving of around £250 , while I like to keep it local I refuse to be fleeced by them.

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copied from Gettin' stuff here fae sooth as I upset a Mod by posting it there!


Anyone heard of DPD Deliveries? I'm expecting a phone delivered to me and I received a text message earlier tonight (Tuesday) confirming delivery this Thursday. never heard of them though.

Anyone have any experience of them?

After a few phone calls to vodafone today, they now tell me that my phone is in shetland and the local agent will TRY to deliver it tomorrow!

They did agree however to look into using Royal Mail for there "Offshore" deliveries.

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Have to agree about streamline tracking a parcel online told me it was in Shetland, calling streamline they also told me it was in Shetland still had to wait 4 days for it to travel the last 10 miles to my house. went into streamline to collect it and they refused to get it for me.


Shetland transport on the other hand give a great service, as do northwards

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Does anybody know a good online store to buy a cheap sofabed from? I see Ikea is mentioned here as delivering to Shetland, has anybody experienced this? Are they reliable?


I did look for one locally and couldn't believe it yesterday when I went to the Bargain Centre and found it completely deserted! I was there for at least ten minutes and looked everywhere for an assistant and there was noone to be seen. I saw one chap who works there leaving just before I went in but I would have assumed there would be at least one person holding fort!!


Is there anywhere else locally who would do a reasonable priced one?

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i contacted ikea, IKEAEDINBURGH.ORDERS@MEMO.IKEA.COM in january to enquire about prices, you would order through ikea email and Shetland Transport would delivery. heres there reply:


Thank you for your enquiry into our Shetland service.


We use Shetland Transport as our courier and they charge the customer for delivery themselves. We actually only charge youfor the price of the goods. I'm not sure of the exact pricing they use, but (certainly until recently) it was something like...a minimum charge of



1/4 pallet £25.00+VAT

1/2 pallet £40.00+VAT

Full pallet £80.00+VAT


For exact and up-to-date prices, you can contact Shetland Transport directly on 01595 695 792. If you can e-mail through a list of the goods you require, I will compile a quotation and send this back to you. If it looks to your satisfaction, you can then call withcredit/debit card details to confirm the order.

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