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Companies who deliver to Shetland & Courier Agents

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It can sit at that status "at local depot" for a few days , there doesn't seem to be much of a rush for the Shetland stuff as far as I can see , I had a car part one time that was at local depot for a

I think the problem is that people have a nostalgia for a time when they had a local postie who knew them by name, lived in the same area and had been doing the same route for years.   Unfortunately

I ordered a nice new TV from amazon on sunday (sorry local retailers, I did look in your shops and I dont mind paying a little extra to buy something locally but I cant afford to throw away £100) I w

I have orded a few things in the past, and I hve no complaints about the agents up here. What I dislike is that the companies tend to say the item has been delivered when passed to their Shetland agents. As they tend to do this on the mainland, it can mean that the idem will be delivered up-to 4 days later.


I would also like to say that the Royal mail service is excellent. True Next-Day service is available and at the same cost as mainland services.

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If you order kitchen from B&Q they will deliver it to Shetland carriers in Aberdeen . We had a trampoline delivered and it cost £20.00 to deliver it to Shetland Line in Aberdeen but if you speak to courier of your own choice they will pick it up from B&Q . When we went on line to order trampoline it said they didn't deliver to Shetland but we phoned Aberdeen store and it was here in 3 days .

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Cheers MJ - I reckon my goods must be with Streamline because I find Northwards pretty reliable for the monthly goods I get up here (20kg sacks of dog food).


They allegedly tried to deliver on 5 January - now that I find rather strange as I am self-employed and work from home, only popping out to Toab shop or driving hubby to work. On that particular day, hubby was off work so we were both in all day.


Even stranger, John Lewis' website states that they will call you 2 days beforehand. I telephoned John Lewis yesterday and asked why, if the courier had tried to delivery on Tuesday, had nobody attempted to call me since then. I'll see what John Lewis say tomorrow when they have spoken to the courier company concerned.

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^^ I get Luposan from Germany. I get it for £44 for 20kg. It is hypoallergenic and one of my dogs can't tolerate James Wellbeloved. Alternatively, for the other mutt, I get GJW Titmuss hypoallergenic own brand 15kg for £31 - both including delivery. (both prices before VAT increase)


Luposan and their sister company do other foods also and are looking into their UK Representative supplying Shetland.


As one of my Shar Pei is very healthy but the other is a rescue Shar Pei and does have some health problems, I reckon I am supporting the local vets (who, incidentally, I find very good).

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