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Flight Line go bust


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I heard that Scatsta had just terminated its contract with flight line. And it was eastern airways had won the new contract.


So its the end of jets and back to the good old props of saabs to fly into scatsta, plus its probably going to be more flights per day flying into there as the Eastern Airways planes dont carry as many passengers as Flight Line did.

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Eastern were due to take over in February for the interim contract after IAC gave Flightline the boot. Presumably the contract will still be up for tender in 2010 with a foot in the door from Eastern.


Flightline went into receivership today which resulted in Eastern stepping in early.

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Can't comment on the previous airline but Eastern used to fly from London City Airport to Newcastle - I used to use them to travel to see a relative in Co. Durham as they were cheaper than Easyjet and only had 1/2 hr check in time. If I remember right, Easyjet wanted £190 return and it was £110 on Eastern.


The planes were only 15 seaters, you got a choice of free drinks (including champagne but I swear it was cava ...), and the crew were mega polite and helpful.


Not only that, they actually stuck to their timetables and there were very few delays.


I do hope they provide a good service for you guys.


For those of you who have seen my previous posts, things are progressing quite nicely and hope to be in Shetland by the Spring, fingers crossed.

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To keep it simply for the bears and all involved, the Scatsta flight numbers stayed the same but changed their prefixes i.e. FLT501A became EZE501A, FLT502B became EZE502B etc etc. There wouldn't be a T501A or T502B as far as I know.


Outside of the Scasta/Aberdeen operation do they use T prefixes? If so it's probable that that is what it should really be rather than using the Scatsta specific flight numbers.


To answer the original question, I would say it's error, but that's just a guess. Dunno for sure.

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