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Would Lerwick benefit from a PC Gamers shop?

Computer Repair

Would PC gamers find a PC gamers shop useful in Lerwick?  

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  1. 1. Would PC gamers find a PC gamers shop useful in Lerwick?

    • Yes I think it's a great idea
    • No I would still buy from the internet
    • I'm no fussed really

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I think you would find it near on impossible. You are more likely to succeed selling the cheap bits and bobs. Printer consumables, keyboards, mice, memory sticks etc. Stocking high end goods which depreciate in value quickly, leaves you with a lot of stock you then have to shift at a loss.


An Argos style idea might be better. If you can find a reliable supplier that can deliver in less than 2-3 days and then have a catalogue to let people browse through and provisionally order then it could be possible.


The only way it is likely to work is if you were willing to offer a PC refurbishment/upgrade service. Again, this isn't likely to appeal to the hardcore PC gamers etc as they are likely to have a reasonable knowledge as to how to do it themselves.


Then you also have the rates/taxes/premises expenses to add on top.


Shetland really isn't a place that is easy or profitable to set up any form of retail business. Best of luck.

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Well guys first and foremost, i'm not looking to setup shop in Lerwick, it's better to get a feel fisrt for what other people think and I know what the scene is like in Shetland, I knew before I put up the poll the reaction I would get. I'm looking at setting up business but only for online trading, mainly eBay, but I thought i'd put out the feelers on the idea....

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As pook says I tihnk you could find it hard to have a market. as Most hard core people do there own research on bits n pieces and shop around onlline. so unless you were abel to gaurantee cheaper than online then you wouldnt get much buisness.


I think you may ahve better luck at the middle ground. for those who dont have time or knowledge of what is best to upgrade.. what the particular bottle neck in their machine is etc etc. ry and get the market of those who would by a whole new machine becuase they dont know what to do.

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Its a very competitive area online, you'd have to work hard to beat the prices places like overclockers etc give & the deals they do on multi purchase amounting to very large amounts & those places also have very quick delivery. When I rebuilt a new system 2 yrs ago i spent over 3k on parts at overclockers, got one heck of a fantastic discount & had everything arrive in fair isle within 2 to 3 days. You'd be hard pushed to beat that kind of service working from Shetland.

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Might be a good Idea to set up an ebay shop, but your prices will need to be good, I bought a q9650 a few weeks ago for £285 on ebay, overclockers the same chip was over £400, so if you can get good deals on the stock you might do quite well. I have bought from a couple of shetland based ebay shops in the past, its good to support the local sellers, you could advertise the said shop in teh times too probably ;)

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If an online shop, then postage costs would be an important factor to consider if its indeed more expensive to send stuff from where you are than the majority of your competitors. (As such it can also be handy to be located close to the courier you use to keep your own transport costs down.)


This can also effect VAT too, with something called Low Value Consignment Relief;







Someone I knew used to run such a business and even with their profit on sales as low as 2.5% they still eventually went out of business due to the very competitive nature of the industry. (Had been in the industry for something like 10+ years.)


Then you have ebays fees, Paypal fees (The above mentioned person sold online without ebay or paypal fees to worry about.)


Its also very time consuming to keep up with news on products, especially faults!


Unless you have special advantage in the market place, I think your find it hard going. (And don't forget reputation is also important, so any upset customers can cost you more than you make from them if there are issues, plus some will rip you off!)


It would be interesting to know what business rates are in Lerwick/nearby if you ever consider a shop.

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Why bother? Dabs and Ebuyer (as well as Amazon, Ebay etc) would offer far cheaper prices. It also wouldn't surprise me if they offered better delivery times! :lol:


People who look for these kind of products know where to go for them. Very few people in Shetland give two hoots about PC gaming never mind having a decent rig.

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You could always focus on quality, customer service.


I buy from everywhere, and just about everywhere sucks.


I'd pay alittle more if I knew when (Not if!) I had a problem/issue that I'd get help and not fobbed off.



Maybe if we imported 10,000 IT folk each with their own gaming PC there could be a thriving market.. ;-)

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