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Reestit mutton tattie soup recipe

Guest perrie-lipper

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Guest perrie-lipper

What I should have defined was pickle for the mutton, before the soup. Although you suggested a couple of hedgehogs, I 'm not sure you can buy hedgehogs in the co-op or Safeway’s in lerwick.


Is there a smaller shop that sells them in Shetland, I would be interested to know

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Its nearly tattie soup season :D

But I'm in stuck in Glasvegas for the festive :cry:


Anybody want to post me down a leg o da reestit gear so I can mak a drap o soup? You canna beat a bit o near rotten flesh hangin in da hoose. By far the best Christmas decoration


Onywye, here's a recipe I stumbled on. Simmer for 20-30 minutes?! I doot you'll need longer than that



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Not tried it myself, though


Looks similar to what I do so should be ok.


I get reestit mutton posted doon for part of my christmas pressie :oops: and have fond memories of taking large pot of tattie soup and the reestit mutton through Edinburgh for the Millenium party I went to after that there it was a mainstay at whatever Hogmanay party I was hosting or went to.

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Not tried it myself, though


Thanks Sherri, you've kept me right again!


Although, to be honest, it's still a bit vague for a total amateur like myself, - terms like "add water to your taste" and "add chopped potatoes, carrots, turnip and onion in the quantities you would like" give me The Fear...


I'm looking for a mega patronising set of instructions, along the lines of "boil by filling the pot with 3 pints of water from the tap and then putting the pot on the stove (making sure you've switched it on first)..." etc

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Come on Ally man, be brave, just try it


I dont get the chance to cook much at all and to be honest i have never made reestit mutton soup , but soup is one o the things you can rarely get wrong. Most o the big supermarkets sell what i think they call 'stew mix' which usually consists of a neep, two carrot and an onion or something along that lines. I would buy about five tatties as well as that, i would maybe put in four then see how it looks. Chuck that into the stock, put lid on and leave till veg is cooked, (half an hour to and hour) i kinda like it better the next day), mash it up a little if thats what you like, or dont, depends what you like. Check on it every now and again, you will be able to tell by the look of it if it needs more o the tatties or water.

I am half expecting a reply to this post saying how wrong this is but the reason you dont find many recipies on the net is cause i think there isn't one. Try it once then you will be more confident to make the changes accordling you to your own peronal taste. Thats what its all about..... yum.


I dont get the chance to cook much but i have to say i do enjoy it. I love just picking a randon recipe from Nigella or Jamie's book and giving it a go. Glass o wine in the hand, like trout said before is essential.


If you do try it, let us know how it goes.



I hope you enjoy........... S,,,,,,,

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The best way to make food is to get completely hammered and then it all tastes great. I learned this from the school of Floyd.


Oh come on Mr. Trout, Floyd never got sloshed before he had cooked and tasted the food. Not quite.


Near enough!


Seriously though, I do like cooking and am quite adept at my 'ol culinary skills if I do say so myself!! :P I'll no go hungry anyroad!


"One way" to make soup would be:


1. Get a beast of a size of a pot

2. Place your reest in said pot and fill with water to cover

3. Garnish with crushed black pepper half a chopped onion and a sproot of virgin olive oil and put on a medium heat

4. Boil for upto a couple of hours or until you "think" your reest is ready. (note: keep checking to make sure it's not boiled dry)

5. After the two hours hock oot the maet when done

5. Prepare and add to stock from whence the maet came another onion and the half you had left over (chopped). Chop two large carrots and add. Add roughly a 1kg bag 'o tatties chopped. Add a further pint of water to mix.

6. boil all this gubbins on low heat until veg is ready


Hey presto!


Alternative is just to boil tatties by themselves and add the other veg to the maet as it's cooking with lots of water and then just add your tatties to the "brew" at the end by individual plateful.


[edit] Added two additions to the top recipe (oil + more water). Kin the funny thing is as has been mentioned, you 'll end up just adding bits and bobs to it as you go along!

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