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Driving instructors


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Hi all...

me and my hubby are moving back to Shetland after some time overseas. We come home in March. I have yet to learn to drive and have put this at the very top of my "to do "list upon our return. I did try and learn some time back but had a rather bad experience and have kept putting it off. Can anyone recommend a good instructor who has oodles of patience?!

We shall be living in Lerwick or thereabouts.


Thanks!!! :)


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I also had a few bad experiences before I found a driving instructor who I stuck with. For me it was Petur Petursson. Absolutely brilliant. Good banter and put me very much at ease.


But I do think it is a very personal thing. It just depends who you personally get on with i think. But I can say that I cried in every other lesson I had but I had loads with Petur (my fault not his...I was a very slow learner...reversing round corners not my strong point) and he never ever managed to make me cry!!

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my brother had and liked peter peterson because he was extremely straight forward and says what he wants/means.


i personally though had steven peterson like charlieboy and thought he was great.


he was easy going, polite and probably just the nicest guy around. he also always apologised when he asked for my money!

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i passed my test 1 year ago today!

had charlie smith as an instructor and highly recommend him!

hes a good laugh, very layed back, and couldnt make things any easier!


I had Charlie too. Some may say he is too layed back.

Doesn't get called 'Sleepyhead' for nothing

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