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Animal Rights Activists

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Why are the human species more valuable than other animal species?


Quite simply, we are not. There is no rational argument for that. I've heard people all week defending clubbing seals to death in Canada because there is no other means of employment for the people living in that region. The fact that people are indignantly spouting that argument at all tells you all you need to know - humans are selfish beyond belief.

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Name 6 reason we're better than chickens? you cant.


A chicken doesn't join a drug gang, a chicken isn't racist and when a chicken goes home, he doesn't beat his hen.


1 - We can talk

2 - We can reason

3 - We feel emotion

4 - We have opposable thumbs

5 - We can create

6 - We can read


I am not racist, I am not in a "drug gang", nor do I beat my wife unless, of course, she forgets to wash and iron my suite with the white pointy hat or fails to have my drugs cooked up and on the table when I get back from a hard days graft.

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Dogs have to be the best animals.

It does not matter what state you are in when you get home at 3 in the morning, the dog is ALWAYS please to see you :D


Unless of course that state has led you to mistakenly believe, that someone else's house, and dog, are your own. 8O


Hmm.... good point, hasn't happened, so far :D

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Guest Anonymous

i do not believe that any animal shold ever be tortured or killed unless of course its done for consumption,its not going to make them extinct and they are dispatched in as quickly and as painlessly as possible. but these animal liberation types( some of whom have the best of intensions ) seem to forget the fact that nature is brutal, survival of the fittest is the basic rule that wild life live by and its never going to change .

as for farmed animals they have to realize that if it wasn't for people eating meat then the bulk of them would be exterminated to clear the land to grow crops.

animal experimants in the main is a necessary evil to test new medicines etc to quite often help produce new medicines to keep us going when nature has decided our time should actually be up

thats the long and short of it...

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...nor do I beat my wife unless, of course, she forgets to wash and iron my suite with the white pointy hat


you make her iron the furniture in fancy dress? kinky. :wink:


lmao - just realised my typo. However, your suggestion does have potential... :wink:

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