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The best things in life


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What a lovely thought to put up a thread like this. It is good to be reminded of happy things and count our blessings every once in a while.

Em -you have obviously got your priorities right!

Nice to see as well that people have put so many things that don't cost any money -makes you wonder doesn't it?

Here are a few of my 'happy' things, First and foremost:

Being loved and cared for by a wonderful man - I am so lucky to have him.

2. My children -lots of ups and downs over the years but I'm so proud of them.

3. Horseriding - a life long passion of mine. I don't get much chance to ride nowadays but the joy and exhilaration of cantering along a track or beach never leaves you.

4. A Good belly laugh with friends - and unlike relatives you can choose you friends!


Then there are all the little things:-

A boss who comes and thanks you for your work (means a lot)

A long lie in bed without feeling guilty

A nice long soak in the bath with a glass of Moselle

A good film, a glass of wine and a big bar of chocolate!

Housework all done, the place looking nice and the whole afternoon free -bliss!

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The best thing in my life is, when I was about 10 or 11, we moved to Brae because it was the only house were you can rent (which is a bit useless because we had to wake up at 6.30 to go to school :x ) we stayed there for something like, 6 months, 8 months, the reason was we were having an extension on our old house, we got photos of it (somewhere!) and it made me feel so proud about myself because me and my little annoying sister had to sleep in the same bedroom which was a nightmare because she was crying, getting up out of her bed at 3am, it was bad.

When we came back, my teacher was surprised when I told her the news about the house.

Now we have:


Three bedrooms, toilet, bathroom, kitchen, very small living room (3 x 4m), a utility room, 2 big cupboards and a small cupboard (width of the door is probably about one of fifth of a metre) and a cupboard in the kitchen (no light, too small but a lot of shelves).


It was like heaven when I had my own bedroom which I was dreading for years.

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Best things? Hmmm, where do I start?


Getting to visit everyone I need to see when back in Shetland

Scrabble - with my granny

When I actually finish whatever I've been writing lately - because actually starting it is an effort

Being tuned into my iPod on a bus

Having a nice, comfy, cosy bed to sleep in

Having a room to myself

Reading constantly - I love book binges, I spent much of summer on one and it was the best thing I've done for ages

The feeling of pride I've just had from giving blood from the first time

When I have no assignments due

Laughing so hard it hurts

The silly things my peerie cousins say / do

Actually getting to see my peerie cousins

When a song comes on the radio / iTunes / Last.fm that I love but haven't heard in ages

When I get post

Getting to ingest sea air - not a lot of that in Glasgow, let me tell you

Not having to get up


I could go on...

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Guest Anonymous

Afore da Mods delete me för bein an auld sod, I tocht I wid hae ta pit me twa pennies wirt in here.


Da Best Tings i Life:


A greetin bairn du can had i dee airm.

A lass du can cuddle ta keep dee warm.

An Olick dat maks dee airms sair whin du hauls him.

An a lang lost freend dat is plaesed whin du calls him.


A beer dat's sae cauld dee troats laek ta freeze.

A curry sae hot dat du faas tae dee knees.

A warm simmers day whin da Laevriks ir trillin.

An troots i da tap o da loch ir swillin.


A cauld winters nicht upö a craig stane.

Sprootin soe fur sillocks, dee tae ta tak hame.

A tocht o da place du wis boarn an cam fae.

Shetland, Oh Loard, whit mair cud du hae.


Da Auld Een






:arrow: :arrow:

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having the choice to stay in your bed on a rainy day

bobbing about on a lilo abroad

bottle of wine, roast chicken to takeaway, french bread on the beach somewhere hot

getting a good bargain

having a good feed whether its takeaway or home cooked

roast chicken with all the trimimings on a sunday

a glass of wine once all the housework is done

a glass of wine whilst cooking a nice meal

a good cup of tea

indian food mmmmmmmm, balti, rogan josh, tikka, jalfreizi mmmm

being able to get fresh fish daily up here mmmm

a good bleather on the phone to friends

the internet



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My dog also cheers me up massively with her love and affection - although it helps when she doesn't pee in the porch or spew. Or come home covered in dirt after running off to the Skelladale playpark / the neighbours' garden. (She's still a puppy)


Oh - and when I manage to straighten my fringe. Sounds daft but it looks so much better and means I don't need to keep brushing it out of my face.


I would also like to add a nice big plate of spag bol - as cooked by my mammy. :D

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