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Shetland earthquake - did the earth move for you?

Hector's House

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About 5.30 this morning - the house started shaking and there was a sound similar to a big truck or locomotive thundering past, lasted abouut 3 seconds and then there was a huge "whump" sound and a bigger shake - at first I thought that the gritter lorry had run into our wall or the roof had blown off, but now I am convinced it was a small earthquake. Cool if it was as I've never felt one before, although I did feel very uneasy when it happened, the shaking was quite unlike the usual movement you get with said truck/train.

Anyone else feel anything around that time? (hmmm - I may regret asking that one!)

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I remember about 6 years ago, on the the eve of the very first flights on Sunday to Stornoway, there was a small earthquake around Manchester.

Next day the Wee Free minister told his gathering that the earthquake was God's way of saying how ticked off he was at these flights which were about to start. (Failing to point out that He may have made the world, but his geography of it was a bit suspect...)


Anybody upset the big man in the clouds?!


Maybe God doesn't support Mareel :lol:

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