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Shetland earthquake - did the earth move for you?

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Certainly woke us up, nearlythewestside, epicentre looks to have been a bit close.


PJ, beat me to it. If that's the Tingwall trawler harbour then global waming is raising the sea level a bit faster than we thought. We'd better get to Tescos and stock up before the 971 becomes passable only at low tide.

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Anyone found out the rating of the quake and confirmed epicentre yet? Oddly I slept through a 4.5 in San Francisco in Summer 2007 (total damage one busted window in Safeway in Oakland) and this one which felt smaller woke me up. Earthquake certainly wasn't the first thought I had, more like I'm never going to eat sprouts again!

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Seems to be mentioning 3.3 on the Richter scale, according to ITN.


Not so long after the last one:




and then of course the English one:



Terra firma seems less "firma" around here all the time. It'll be the oil wells :wink:

Or perhaps the reduction in polar ice is prompting a tectonic shift. :shock:


Either way, I'm sleeping with a lifejacket and a crash helmet on fae noo on, in fact to hell with it, I'm sleeping in the boat.


(I slept through it :wink: )

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