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Shetland earthquake - did the earth move for you?

Hector's House

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I don't know if i should build on top of Ronus hill or buy a boat house :?


Why not build a boat house on top of Ronas Hill? It would cover all eventualities, and if nothing else it would make an interesting episode of Time Team in 1000 years time :lol:

ok you cut the wood and i will send two ponies,dogs chickens ect. do you need a spare hammer.

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no your very safe here apart from the tidal wave risk :?



apart from this one theres not been any biggies as we would have them in a long time. if you had been here a number of million years ago then you would be worried.

I doot, I'm with Twerto on this one. I'm gaddering a roog o pallets and headin for Collafirth.




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what exactly does this graph mean??? :oops: :?: It seems to be gettin bigger as the day goes on :?:


The graph is a time line with each line representing half an hour of time, working towards midnight at the bottom. The interruptions to the straight lines are shockwaves detected by the seismograph in Lerwick.

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