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[...]who...........Leon is?


I met this guy coming aff da boat he said his name was Leon and he gave me this picture. I think he was french. He was carrying a bulky hold-all we some metal pipes sticking out of it. I think he's maybe a plumber but his pipes looked peerier than the ones in my house. Funny how he took a picture of this guy through a pipe!:D Must be an advert. What'll these plumber's think of next!


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No as good as dye graduation pic i wid have to say. My stomach hurts fae laughing, so i'll hae tae retreat eenoo, I'll see if i can find a pic.... :wink: o' me of course.


Er, i mean me stomach hurts fae the multiple grenade wounds i'm wearing of, course, and i've gone to arm me thermonuclear stuff.............

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After many years on the run, PoolHaddock was now a master of disguise.





Does du think we should move these tae a new thread or will we just keep it topical? [.....who].....w close bird flu is tae Shetland, and if this now makes all outdoor work such as grasscutting, or............egg collecting a high risk job?

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