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Photo Wars

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Until the day came when Njugle could take no more jailhouse slop. and he busted out of that there hellhole and tracked down the worthless drunkard who put him away and gunned him down......like a dog



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I'm sorry that it has to come to this Davy, but we need to know what side you are on. This is a war after all!


My problem with my websites is I've done all the exciting bits lik making up the animations and putting in the photos, so it's just all the boring crap left. The first one I started, I've not been doing it methodically at all, which is turning out to be a bit confusing.

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Does du think this is gettin oot of hond yet? I'm totally addicted! S**t!


and I thought I had little to do all day


Today i was attempting to write, probably, the most important document i'll write in a very long time, but dagnabbit, this is war! And war is hell.

Hey, maybe there's a market for this ridiculous "photo-manip" Then i can get rich wirkin' dirt. Christmas cards anyone? :wink:


Or maybe it should have it's own story-board website....hmmm.... :roll:

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