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What was your favourite subject at school?

Do you like school?  

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I thoroughly enjoyed it when I was at school, except, like doglover, the PE. The teacher was ex-Army (a lot were, in the 60s), short, LOUD and seemed to enjoy bullying us unsporting types.


Loved scientific subjects, though (still do). Fond memories of a lad in my class accidentally blowing his bag up in the Chemistry lab ... as the smoke cleared, there was the Chemistry teacher, standing there looking very worried, it was like a successful magic trick. I know (having seen the teacher only about a minute beforehand) that he'd been at the far end of the lab annexe marking books, so he must have moved at a helluva rate. The lad concerned went on to civil engineering, perhaps unsurprisingly for someone who enjoyed blowing things up.


Quite enjoyed my time as a school lab technician, too. It meant I got to play with ... sorry, I mean "set up and adjust" ... all sorts of kit, from steam engines to van der Graaff generators, much more than I ever did when learning. Not sure whether school days really are "the best days of your life", but if you get pleasure out of finding things out they should be, 'cos you never get quite the same intensity of stuff to learn when you've left. (I'm counting university as "big school" here.)

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I thoroughly enjoyed it when I was at school, except, like doglover, the PE. The teacher was ex-Army (a lot were, in the 60s), short, LOUD and seemed to enjoy bullying us unsporting types.


Loved scientific subjects, though (still do).


Maybe it was one of the PE teachers I had - about the same time (not in a Shetland school). He was ex-Army too. Made you jump in at the deep end of the school swimming pool, whether or not you could swim!!


Also remember almost setting fire to our Chemistry room. Fiddling about with an experiment when a huge jet of flame shot out from the gas taps, through a glass tube, and across the desk and the one in front. My daughter was proud when she went to that school years later and the scorch marks were still there.


My favourite subjects were English, History and Geography. Particularly when a new young female teacher came to teach the latter subject. The number for the subject shot up.

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My favourites were art and English. Also languages - did French and a year of German, which I didn't like and dropped and changed to Latin.


Funny the effects that teachers and others can have on you. My Head of Art, who I didn't get on that well with, seemed to assume that I'd be going to art college. I got it into my head to leave after 5th year. It was going to be either teacher training or art college that I would try for and I thought at the time that primary teaching was perhaps the most honourable of the two > so I plumped for that. Also, the visiting representative from the local art college addressed the whole year to give a careers talk in rather a depressed manner, telling us morosely that, if it would be difficult to get into art college. If we managed to get through the course and managed to finally get a degree, it would be difficult to get work and how artists couldn't make a living from their work - you would end up being a teacher or in industry.


So that inspiring talk probably also affected my choice. I had an argument with the Head of Art, as he was horrified that I was going to leave after 5th year and even more horrified that I was going to go into primary teaching. He had a knack of trying to railroad people which, at 17, can get on yer tits somewhat. ;) "I know better.." and all that jazz.. He talked about how I could stay on and do 6th year studies Art, have another year to mature, etc etc then go to Art College. Mature?!! But I thought I was already very mature. >.


Early on, during my first year at teacher training college, I went back to school to pick up some of my work. The Head of Art asked how teacher training college was going. I replied that it was ok, early days, see how it goes, etc. He then launched into how I could get a portfolio ready and he would speak to the head of the art college, I would have missed a term or so but would soon catch up.


I was speechless that this man was still trying to railroad me. He never really discussed things with me. He was really annoying me again so I told him I had no intention of leaving teacher training college. He accepted it this time and, as I walked out, he said he hoped I would at least keep up my art.


Roll on many years and, although I enjoyed aspects of teaching, I just couldn't envisage doing it for the rest of my life so quit the profession. I some ways, in hindsight > that Head of Art was probably right - but he just didn't handle me, as a headstrong 17 year old, in the right way and I didn't give him a chance. However, teaching brought me to Shetland, I met my husband here, had children, made great friends, etc etc etc so I don't have major regrets. It's funny how, at various times in our lives, we make decisions which are pretty life-changing; we branch off the road at various stages. If I'd gone to art college in Dundee, I may never have ventured to Shetland. Life could have turned out very differently. Not necessarily better, but different.


In relation to the subject of the thread, and without wanting to hijack it, did anyone affect your career choice at school, in a good or bad way, and what might you have been doing now, had you gone down another path?

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My favourite subjects were maths, French and German, I like making up calculations and speaking in a foreign language. I found biology very easy and it's was one of my best subjects at school. Physics was so BORING! it made me want to sleep in the classroom whilst the teacher is going 'blah blah blah.....' I love school so much in those days!

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