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What was your favourite subject at school?

Do you like school?  

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My logic, even at that age, was that I encountered both norwegian and gaelic on a regular basis, and not being able to understand them was a hidrance, however I never once encoutered french.


Although I have encountered French, I did find it the least useful of languages. German would have been more useful when travelling in Cuba for example. Spanish I've used most (not an option when I was at the Anderson) Farsi the most beautiful and Arabic one of the most difficult. I like Polish because it's phonetic and find Russian one of the most confusing. I always get my Scandinavian mixed up (no one seems to mind but the Swedes) but I do like the way that they sound familiar on the ears, with some of the accents sounding to me like parts of Shetland.


Gaelic I lump in with Arabic, I cannot get my mouth round the words, and like EM I kind of grew up with a slight prejudice. Which means I may have been slightly vocal when they were suggesting Gaelic be made a compulsory language in schools.

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At secondary most definitely Computing / Physics / Chemistry. Teachers were excellent and the subjects I found really interesting.


Highers ... English for sure. Again teacher was excellent.


Then you go on and on and some lecturers in some subjects good and made the topic even better ... others you couldn't even get out of bed for!


I didn't think much of French when I was in Secondary partly for the same reason mentioned - "Why do I have to learn this?". Though I must say that, even for trootlin around and not paying any attention in the classes, I can still remember the rudimentary basics of French and to be honest looking back quite enjoyed it! Not a bad introduction into another language at all really!?

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i ay enjoyed history - again cos da teachers were good - an pe cos i enjoy sports.

really didna lik maths cos i wis/am sh1te at it, didna hae a good teacher an i towt half o it wis pointless (trigonometry par example).


wis good an laguages, but da teacher coodna cope wi a lok o fokk in wir class, which hindered wis aa i doot!

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I was one of those weird kids who actually enjoyed school. Favourite subjects... erm... at one stage my favourite might have even been knitting. :oops: But, by high school: Physics, Computing and Maths.


The teacher you have can make an enormous difference. Even a teacher who is good for one pupil might not be suitable for another.

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School for me was all about the learning as I floundered pittifully with social skills. With not much to distract me, aside the odd paper dart to the back of the head, I made good grades in most subjects. languages were my weakness...struggled with my own and French was a non-starter.Might have liked P.E. if not for always being picked about last for teams. The best was anything with a practical eliment. Was probably the only bairn at the school to choose technical and sewing. Sciences were great and I regret not getting the opertunity to study physics aswell. Maths was great even though I knew most of it would never be used by me again. I loved the fact you were right or wrong, no middle fuzzy ground like you get in english. It was also my most successful subject, not the favourite though, that was technical.

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I really loved high school when I was in first year, it was much, much better than the primary school I came from. I loved every subject except for physical education, I was lazy and I loathe it when I do teamwork or run around and I sometimes didn't take my kit because it was boring.

I am a bit like that but I do always take part in PE

I love Soc Sub (Socal Subjects) and Im not too suprissed the teacher we have is soo funny! (Mr Johnson) French is good too

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