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A matter of opinion that, as he's undoubtably getting more exposure to work better matches.


Basically they just switched him and Matt Hardy after it was "leaked" (as if it wasn't obvious) that he was to be behind the Jeff "incidents".


Hey, it means we get Hardy v Hardy at Wrestlemania and Swagger gets someone who can work a more "casual fan friendly" match on the big card. Win-Win!


Some good stuff by WWE this week, eventually pulling the trigger on Orton/HHH, just a shame HHH can't act. :lol:


I'm also much happier with the Taker WM plans now Kozlov is involved, and judging by the fan reactions, I'm not the only one.



Only downside is that the ticket touts seem to be profiting on Ebay for this years tour, not the bargains there usually are :(

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^Meh, touts are just doing 'business'. Happens all the time in some form in the 'real' world anyway.


Taker will win at WM. He's built up too much of a legacy to lose against Kozlov IMO. I reckon he'd be less disgruntled to lose it to a Wrestler with more prestige.


Also, matt will challenge jeff to a match before WM but Jeff will refuse.

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Canna resist a post here after watchin last nights PPV, Destination X, again.


The last few weeks, while not in the same style as the WWF/WCW peaks in the late 90's/early 00's have arguably had more high quality technical wrestling and "sports entertainment" amusement than any I can remember.


Ric Flair's role in TNA is absolute perfection, we had Jeff Hardy vs AJ Styles which is easily comparible to the Hitman/Perfect matches of the summer of '92, and so much more.


Add to that the fact this years Wrestlemania actually has that big event feel already, largely due to the Taker/Michaels rematch and the return of the Hitman, but the backup is all good stuff for once.


So, my holiday's booked, fridge is stacked, only the neighbours to warn and I'm all set! :D Anyone else?

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It seems the only logical outcome, which is partly what makes it so impossible to predict. The fact both always take April-June off each year also adds to the unpredictability.


Just to be different (and because I fear WWE can't possibly get it right twice in a row) I predict HHH getting involved in some stupid and convoluted way to make it a no contest or double KO.

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Guest Anonymous



Thanks for making my day soooo much brighter.

Leave the cat food in the cupboard, kick the cat out, settle down with a nice cup of tea, and forget about wrestling, it's all an act anyway. :wink: :lol:

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Definitely. Well worth the day off today too! :lol:


As excellent as 90% of the action was, almost all those involved in making it so good have been in the spot for at least 10 years, some way more than double that.


WWE really needs to dump the PG rating and get a new "attitude era" up and running or there will be a serious lack of star power by WM30..

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Yeah, it did go on too long and if it had been anyone other than Hart they would have been getting booed at the end. Otherwise WM was pretty good - Triple H/Sheamus was surprisingly good, CM Punk v Mysterio was great just a shame it wasnt a bit longer, MITB wasnt as good as previous years there was just too many participants, they should've kept it to 8.

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