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Credit Crunch


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I've not really noticed any difference either - except that I am currently waiting to be made bankrupt due to making a very, very bad decision a few years ago (got swindled by a conman, I did!). I'm one of these statistics that has lost a business and become unemployed (but not on the dole tyvm). But other than that.... :?


If those events hadn't transpired I don't think I'd have noticed any difference in my spending habits.

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With the news that the UK is still in recession, has anyone been struggling since the last posts in this thread earlier in the year?


I have to say, in January I'd have been of the same opinion as Ballack et al., as at that point I was spending more than ever having landed a good job and living an exciting life. However, since then I have faced the possibility of redundancy twice through rating schemes and seen the sector I work in change dramatically. I've been lucky as I've actually come out of the ratings better off that I was before, but equally the stress of looking at joining the end of the dole queue was tougher to handle than I could have imagined.


I live in England now and work across the UK, but the picture is the same everywhere I look. Many folk feel that their job is insecure, and light at the end of the tunnel is a long way off. However, I haven't picked that up from speaking to family back home and reading the news. Has Shetland yet to feel the full effects? Do you think Shetlanders suffer as much during the economic downturn as the rest of the UK? Has anyone had to make significant changes to their lifestyle? I'd say I've been faced with big changes. I'm lucky I can be flexible in my location and made the move to another part of the country at the request of my employer. Is anybody worried about or contemplating a move to the mainland for work?


Genuinely interested in folk's opinions, as the local media hasn't reported much in the way of rising unemployment. Here's hoping that with the SIC being the biggest employer Shetland can weather the storm more comfortably than elsewhere.

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What makes you say that MJ - have there been job losses etc? I'm aware that a box factory closed not long ago with the loss of several jobs.


How is the construction industry holding up - is the council's capital projects programme keeping things artificially buoyant?


It's a pretty sorry tale as far as the construction industry goes across Scotland, particularly in Glasgow I believe.

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The only effect I am aware of from the current recession is that local charities are finding it harder to source funds from outwith Shetland.


The box factory mentioned above was owned by a south firm and I seem to recall that they had failed to penetrate the local market. That is the only business closure that I have been aware that made the news.


The construction industry seems to be busy with Mareel and the new Mid Yell school. The building of the new gas plant at Sullom Voe will soon be starting.


At the end of the day I can only speak from personal experience but I don't know anyone that has lost their job recently.

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As far as I can see here in Shetland the recession is something that happns to other people.


I think this is a rather large generalisation.


I'm afraid that the reason that this is the case is simply due to the artificial situation created by the high proportion of people on the isles who are employed in public sector.


I think if you were to look at private business then most will have noticed some of the effects of the recession, especially if they are exporting from Shetland.


If the council realised that perhaps it was time to start looking at making some savings then people in Shetland would find out that recession is not something that happens to other people.


Although, when we still have organisations who promote the use of something like one third of a million pounds on putting a couple of lights in a few remote locations then we will have to wait for any realisation to occur.


Apparently the invitations to the launch of Mirrie Dancers were of very high quality!

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