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A word of warning for yowe:


Noo a’m no wan tae kiss an’ nyaarm,

Fir it can caase ower muckle hairm,

Bit dis recital’s doon tae Njugle,

Fir he wis first tae blaw his bugle.


Whin he nippit by wir fairm,

An’ said he’d taak me by da airm,

Athin his een I saa a glimmer,

Bit no fir me, t’wis fir me gimmer.


Whit wye he kens me hoch is eltit’,

Whin truth be telt he nivvir felt it,

Fir I fair telt him whaur tae geng,

An dats da last o’ him a’m seen.


I tink du should consider troot,

Or even man wi rubber boot,

Or mibbe du could seek on Google,

Bit byde du clear o’ yun Njugle.

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Hooray! :D You made the right decision Njugle. I told you she was no good. Always gossiping and stirring trouble. It's not true what she said about your glimmer for her gimmer is it?.... Anyway, can I make dinner for you tomorrow? I've got some fresh hay and a couple of neeps. After that maybe we could go back to your crø and get cosy. :wink: X


Hentilaget, you can keep your bad advice, you're just jealous. By the way, whats man wi rubber boot been doing up at your farm so much lately?

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Oh my peerie Yowe, it so good tae hae dee back, dir nane better, in fact i think du's even finer as du wis afore, dee hochs are firmer and du's so lithe, poised and supple, it maks me winder.....


....has du been doing Yowe-ga? :wink: X


I have indeed been doing some yowe-ga :wink: All for ewe Njugle dearest. Any chance of removing the branks so that I can practice some of the more complicated postures?

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Noo du kens me Njugle, an’ a’m no wan fir gossip, bit I think du suid ken at I saa Yowe apo da hill da idder day, an shu wis eltit fae heid tae fit athin blue pent. Noo, a’m no sayin’ onything, bit whit wye does du think dat cam aboot?


Quit stirring Hentilaget. You can't prove it was me. Anyway, ewe still haven't explained why man wi rubber boot is hanging round your farm.. :twisted:

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