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Sorry tae butt in uninvited lik this, but I might be able tae offer my services.


My neem is Muckle Jeemie and I run a small "gimmer fir rent" company. You might o seen me aroond. I drive a nice, big, pink, massey ferguson "caddie-lack" and I usually wear a shiny purple boiler suit, we a matchin tourie kep, and snake-skeen rubber buts.


So.....no need tae fight any more lads, I hay plenty tae go aroond.....just watch oot fir da sheep dugs, my gimmers are worried enough as it is, withoot hayin tae spend da night in a pen we da pigs.

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Aahaaa, it seems I am the sugar........or in this case, "saat lick" daddy for you!


Ok, heres the plan:

Make "dy peerie caddie" organise a meeting time and place with the gentleram in question. Little will he keen, I, Muckle Jeemie, will be waiting at the said co-ordinates tae drench him. You twa will then be free to ewe-lope into the sunset together......this truly is a plan of beauty! :cry:


But Remember, get it touch if du ever wants a peerie bit o "common graising" action, if du keens what I mean....ahha ha ha! 8)


Incidently, theres no bailing on me now, I've formulated this plan, and I won't let you fleece me out of my earnings! :!:

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That's a done deal Poolhaddio Daddio. You want cash? Or can we do a deal in peat? I guess not, you are in Yell after all. Selling sand to the Arabs was easier.


Then i can get back to woo' ing my hearts desire, cos: Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world, she walks into mine.


Here's looking at Yowe, kid. 8) x

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Hay there, I've been on the hill for a while and had no online access. The services are much better here at Gremista park. Theres running water and everything. I'll be here for a few days ( they're checking our teeth and feet) so Njugle I'd love it if you would meet me for lunch, say monday at 12? We could share a bucket of nuts and get to know each other bah-etter.

By the way, a couple of my friends said they were approached by a man in a purple boilersuit who said they should go with him and he would take care of them and supply them with the finest mineral blocks available. Do you think we should be suspicious of him?

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