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There's only wan filthy crack on this thread, and that's the fishy fissure upon your fizzog that keeps trying to flirt my furry female.


And of course, true amour recognises not the accoutrements of the material world. My crø is not for show. Tis a den to keep, the loveliest of sheep.

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Elementary my dear Yowe, yes... more fish it seems.. more fish! It was fun while it lasted. You keep your little dancing cloven hooves going my dear Yowe ;)


As for you Njugle! You better stay out of my loch....water horse! You might have a fine crø hidden away somewhere - but if I catch you dippin your Njugle hoof in my loch .. OooOOhh ..Oohoohh!!


*disgruntled look* Grr..

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No adversary finer there may be,

No nobler fish in loch or sea,

But when it comes to charm and wit,

Pardon my french, you're full of sh*t.



Oh peerie Yowe come in fae da hill,

Wir overnights will be a thrill,

Shak da sna' fae aff dee back,

And a cosy pen, we straa, i'll mak.



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