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Not only did these "fallen angels," who came down in the days of Jared [Genesis 5:18], cross the forbidden sexual barrier, but they began to teach the human race witchcraft, sorcery, gene splicing, genetic engineering in order to combine two species - such as half man and half goat, half horse and half sheep, etc.



Wow, better be careful there boys! God knows what might be up next!


This is a picture of the end result, doesn't look too good if you ask me!






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Hi Njugle, what news? Carried anyone off to their watery doom lately? I've not been up to much myself. Just the usual eating, pooping, sleeping and baa-ing a bit. Never see the twins these days, they're always off with their friends. Flossie got her head stuck in a fence the other day. She thought the grass might be greener on the other side. It took them ages to notice she was stuck and she ended up with hellish cramp in her neck. Oh well, it was funny for the rest of us. It's hard to type with hooves isn't it. Think I'll go and eat some more grass now. See you soon :D X

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Hey Byowetiful, great to hear your newes.


Sadly the "luring weary travellers to their doom" trade is not what it used to be, there just ain't the passing trade any more. I've tried 'hitchhiking' passing motor vehicles but it's just embarrassing. Who stops their car for a horse? My latest muse is roaming the banks at night with one of these new "million candle power" torches to confuse the shipping and hopefully encourage a disaster, i keep practising.


Funny you should mention Flossy getting her head stuck, I've had to extract a number of silly lambs heads from my enclosure fence this year, perhaps they were Flossy's offspring. Not the tightest stitch in the knit shall we say.


Typing is no fun indeed. You should get yourself some of this "Bleat-recognition" software, i'm sure there's a version for ewe. I use "Neigh-Mare-Typing" for horses.


Have you been rolling round in the sun? Ewe're looking quite felty. Or perhaps that's just my felty mind working. :wink: X

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Hay Njugle,

I've something to tell you that I hope you'll be understanding about. Before I tell you this, I want you to know that you will always be special to me and I'll never forget your kindness and all the wonderful times we spent together (especially the cosy nights in your cru). You have made me happy and given me two lovely lambs. You are witty and charming and truly a gentleman among water horses. The thing is....... over the past few weeks I have been spending alot of time with Flossie and have come to realize that my feelings for her are more than that of just good friendship. She feels the same way and well basically we've discovered that we are lesbo lambs and deeply in love. I hope we can still be friends and certainly the twins will still want to see you. Somewhere out there a girl njugle is waiting for you to come into her life so you can get together and create real trouble among travellers. Goodbye my dear Njugle and thanks for all the nuts. :wink: X

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And to think, i was starting to worry about the possibility that you had escaped through a hole in the dyke. Erm......yeah, what can i say :wink:


Never du worry my peerie jewel. I wish dee much fun wee dy fleecy floosie, and rest assured that it is not goodbye, merely á demain, for if ewe ever yearn for some sentimental titivation, ewe know where i am.


And if Yowe or flossie ever get stuck on your backs, or in fences or whatever, i'll aye be blyde to help oot.


Farewell fleecy flirt, you can nibble my nuts any time.


:wink: X

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