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Fishing license for pleasure boats


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The idiots at the EU in Brussels now want to destroy sea angling by including anglers catches in the quota system. What next? Soon you wont be able to do anything because of EU regulations!


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I have just read an article in the Shetland Marine news which has shocked me beyond belief. Below is this article ;


Under EU proposals recreational fishermen would be required to register their boat as a fishing vessel and record their catch as part of the UK's annual quota for certain species.

NORTHERN isles MP Alistair Carmichael has been urging UK fisheries minister Huw Irranca-Davies to resist the extension of the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) to recreational sea anglers.


Please see the whole article in Sheland Marine News.


What is the world coming to. I can understand putting laws down to stop recreational fishermen catching rare blue fin tuna, dolphins etc. etc. but a few mackeral and the odd haddy is not doing the industry any harm.

Shetland is full of small pleasure boats and this would be a disaster if this law ever came into force.

We should speak out about this before it gets passed by some pencil pusher in the middle of Belgium who has never seen or enjoyed life in a small boat.

Let me know what you all think


Johno Robertson, Tingwall

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After reading the article it seems that this is being brought in because so-called "recreational" fishermen in Europe are fishing commercially. Why does that not surprise me?


In Shetland recreational fishermen are just that - they set off with their peerie boat on a fine day/night and catch a fry for themselves and maybe their neighbour folk.


My man has creel boat which is licenced but is just his hobby, but there is quite a lot of paperwork to be filled in. The amount of bumpf that comes through the door is unbelivable. He is forever getting letters from the Scottish Fisheries Protection Agency about quota and variations to his licence. The latest one says " The variation effects changes to the authority of your licence, in relation to the monthly quota limits for North Sea Skates & Rays (now500kgs) and Western Ling (now 6 tonnes)........"


............he fishes for crabs and lobsters and his boat is under 10 metres!


I really hope that this is one of the things where common sense wins the day.

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I use to commercially fish for Bass off the Dorset coast with a rod only.

We used live sandeels on a 12ft leader, with 2lb lead to hold it under the surface when fishing the Portland tide race.

We were harnessed on board due to 15ft standing waves :wink:


I wonder how many fish wreck fishing charter boats take these days??

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Good God, those idiots in Brussels have gone totally mad.

What on Earth are things coming to, a few fish here and there, everyone with a boat will probably have to register just in case they ever use it for fishing? Probably another way of taxing people who own boats, I doubt if registration will be free. Resist, resist, resist!

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^ I'm sure the over zelous folks at hm gov will enforce it with draconian punishments like confiscation of boat, gear etc. the only way out is out of the eu and the uk.

Like the days at sea regs designed by arses to suit european companies, devestating for the Shetland fleet.

folks here need to wake up before there is sausage all left of our own worth saving

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