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Fishing license for pleasure boats

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According to this report the EU has no plans to license UK pleasure boats. So it's just another EU scaremongering story from the little englanders. Nothing to worry about.




Dont you believe it Arabia Terra we have plenty to worry about i have been a member off EFSA (European federation of sea anglers) for years now and i got a email about this ages ago we are all in the EU so how can the UK be exempt from rubbish like this???.. the UK is the fisheries that get hammered every time by the EU if we dont this time it will be the first!!!!

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The thing is, Glipper. How would they enforce this? It's impossible. Short of putting a GPS transponder on everything that floats. What's much more likely, if they even go through with this, is that any fish market will have to register any landings for sale by pleasure boats. This will be recorded and once the markets limit is reached, no more fish will be bought except from proper fishing boats. From what I read this definitely seemed to be aimed at pleasure boats which occasionally land fish for sale (as does seem to happen in some parts of the EU) rather than being a means to control all sea angling.

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"only recreational fishermen fishing off a vessel in the open sea and who catch fish which are under recovery plans are subject to the controls applied to professional fishermen. Shore and pier anglers or those fishing from a canoe or kayak will not be affected".


Sounds like we will be subject to quotas. I don't know anyone who doesn't have a boat bigger than a kayak.


"The Commission went further to say that the normal angling enthusiast who catches an insignificant number of fish and uses it exclusively for their own, private, consumption will not be subject to the control regulation, even if the angler catches fish currently under a recovery plan, such as cod".


And here there's no clarification for boat fishing.

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Well, there is of course quotas on everything except monks (maybe even them noo)


Objectively, you have to consider angling competitions, for example, where hundreds of pounds of fish are landed every week. Its no secret, there may be nothing wrong with it,(unless it is dumped), but that quantity of fish would keep a small seine netter in the black, so you can't disregard all recreational angling as insignificant.


Just a thought. :wink:

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^ you're spot on with the comp's thing Njugle, personaly I think competitions should come up with a better way to record catches and try more to implement some sort of catch and release system. Specially if the fish just end up getting dumped. I know some comps send their fish to the market and others give it out free to old folks in the area which is fine but dumping on any scale is a waste.

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