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Anyone seen Total Wipeout

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My sis phoned me a couple of Saturdays ago and told me to switch tv on to bbc 1 as the programme she was watching was hilarious,it was about 7pm . I switched tv to said channel and also found it hilarious. After watching again last night I realised although you get a laugh at the people falling and landing in water and mud it looks very hard to do. I reckon it's harder than the Krypton Factor assault course and the Gladiators put together.

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its a rip off of takeshies castle :lol:

It's more like Ninja Warrior really, though Ninja Warrior has no cash prize and boasts not just comedy amateurs but serious athletes amongst its competitors who come back time after time after training on their own mock-up courses. Not that I am a connoisseur of Japanese gameshows, I just stumbled onto NW one day and was hooked for a while.



And I'd have to say that I could watch the folk trying to jump the balls all day long as well. Excellent fun. The spinny thing never seems as funny as it should, despite the variations they use. Stage three of the course is where it really comes to be like Ninja Warrior as you do unwittingly find yourself on the edge of your seat, or i do anyway. :)

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