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South Mainland Up Helly Aa - MASS MEETING 23rd March 2009 :)

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ph sed

Up Helly Aa is just an excuse and cover up for the real reason a big piss up


Do you feel the need for an excuse to drink? mmm.

I think most people use Up Helly aa as an excuse to do something other as well as drinking. i.e have a dance, socialise , meet a load of people you rarely see.

If you want to be a drunk you don't have to go to Up Helly Aa, just a shop.


How did the meeting go last night. Was a Guizer Jarl(e)ina appointed??

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How did the meeting go last night. Was a Guizer Jarl(e)ina appointed??


Ah...back on topic.


Last night's meeting was well attended and over a dozen people put themselves forward to form a steering group having their first meeting tomorrow night.


That meeting will put more flesh onto the bones but as a concept there appeared to be sufficient impetus to make it a go-er.


There seemed to be general consensus that there would be NO gender-specific roles, though that will be thrashed out at any steering group/committee meetings, I presume.

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Up Helly Aa is just an excuse and cover up for the real reason a big piss up

I obviously do not agree with this. But, in any case, you are wrong to say "a big piss up." In terms of piss ups, each UHA provides more than one per year. Remember that the preparations go on for months and there are quite a few other foys and visitations which, as parties go, are pretty good too. Having said that, it may be worth mentioning that I personally had so little alcohol on UHA day/night that I could have driven home legally. Some guizers/guests are well oiled, but not all.

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Righty Ho folks, after a well attended meeting on monday (thanks to all of those who turned up :D ), a steering group has been formed with the intentions on sorting out some of the details with regard to holding an Up Helly Aa in the south mainland.


From the great response & enthusiasm shown at the general meeting, it has been decided that there is enough folk interested to create a South Mainland Up Helly Aa. Obviously, as it is new, and time is not on our side with the first event proposed to take place next year its going to be a busy 13 months ahead.


The dates for the South Mainland Up Helly Aa are: Friday 12th March 2010 (Up Helly Aa Night) & Saturday 13th March 2010 (Hop Night).


Venues etc will be released once they have been decided etc.


Anyone interested in taking a squad to this event are asked to express their interest via email to info@southmainlanduphellyaa.co.uk


Squad numbers are being restriced to a maximum of 16 people due to fire regulations in the venues Squads can be all male / all female or mixed.


A Mass Meeting is to be held in the Sandwick Social Club on Monday the 23rd of March 2009 @ 8PM , at which point a Committee will be elected and hopefully 3 Jarls will be appointed - All potential squads are welcome to attend.


It has also been suggested that comittee members will not have to stand as future Jarls, but will have the option should they wish to. The steering group would strongly like to request that all interested parties attend this meeting, and that no one should feel that by attending this meeting they are obliged to become a comittee member - this is not the case.


More news will be posted on here as soon as it becomes available.


[mod]Please note revised dates above; 12th/13th. F.[/mod]

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This is starting to sound like a viable festival/spree. Good idea to start a committee with no tie to Jarl at first. You are more likely to get good people to set this up. Originally the Lerwick committee was run in this fashion.


Has there been commitment from any/all of the halls/clubs south of Lerwick? There are quite a number of them so you could end up spoilt for choice.


Good luck to the committee and guizers. See you at the mass meeting on the 23rd.

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Hey folks, there has been some further news regarding the South Mainland Up Helly Aa. The site is now live, and although it doesnt contain much content due to their being no committee yet, or Jarls, it will be used to promote any news - as well as here on shetlink :)


The web address is http://www.southmainlanduphellyaa.co.uk and details of the forthcomming mass meeting of all guizers has been posted up.


We would appreciate it if you could take the time to read this :)


Look forward to seeing another good crowd at this meeting 8)

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For The South Mainland Up Hely Aa 2010



To Be Held In The




8pm On Monday 23rd March 2009




















Please note that there are a good number of people willing to serve on the committee so you should not avoid the meeting because you fear that you will be pressurised into joining the committee. A good attendance of squad leaders is requested, any squad leaders not able to attend please tel. 477271 to register your squad prior to the meeting, or email us here.


A date has been set for a meeting of all proposed guizers, and there squad leaders in order to register interest for the first South Mainland Up Helly Aa - and elect the first 3 Jarls. Squads are asked to email us as soon as possible to register interest so we can compoile a group of interested parties.




Our email address is: info@southmainlanduphellyaa.co.uk

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