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Helicopter Ditches in North Sea


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and so it rises...if they're missing they're probably goners too...

goes with the job I guess. I know a few helicopter techs and none of them would fly in one...doesn't that say something?


Well that's a really helpful post for folk who work offshore and rely on helicopters to get them to their work :roll:


Suggest you engage brain before operating your keyboard.

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Guest Anonymous

Given the number of Helicopter flights that take place over the North Sea, and considering the weather which these flights operate through, I'd say that it is just as safe a way to travel, if not safer, than a car.

Mechanical failures happen, accidents happen, etc., and sadly deaths result.

This is the true, tragic, cost of the oil/petrol which we are all too quick to complain about the price of.

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This is terrible news. The Beeb are saying eight confirmed dead and the rest missing. As the Old Een said, there is a cost for relying on oil, and despite the fact that helicopter ops are safer than driving a car (rather more road deaths than helicopter deaths even when considered proportionally), accidents and faults do happen. That is scant consolation for the families and friends of those lost and lets be mindful of them as this terrible event is unfolded and the truth uncovered.

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