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Helicopter Ditches in North Sea


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who seemed to agree engineers didn't have to fly?

read the link posted by Infiltrator


They don't tend to come on airtests!
I fly for the largest helicopter company in the world and I am almost never accompanied by an Engineer on a flight test
I have had an engineer say to me "fly in that? after what we've just done to it? No chance matey!" The truth was he had 2 more aircraft he was supervising at the time and couldn't leave, but the banter was fun.
The comments made are not insulting. In our company, most times when we have airtests to carry out, the engineers don't accompany us

need I go on?


To me you're all being rather pedantic as usual, one comment made by a techie(not me) and you're all up in arms. Yes they do have to fly in them as part of their job (it would seem) but does that mean they want to?

and before you start on the "well they don't have to do that job" or whatever, yes you're right they don't have to go work in a jumped up garage for 25-35k a year they can go work for a normal garage for 15k a year...get a grip!

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Max, in your original post you suggested that helicopters weren't safe and that's why your helicopter tech friends wouldn't choose to fly in them. Not your exact words but anyone reading your post will easily draw that conclusion.


The point I'm making, is that I don't believe any helicopter techs worth their salt, would state that they wouldn't choose to fly in a helicopter because they were unsafe.


I think you overstepped the mark by suggesting this conclusion in your original post, you've been reading the Daily Mail for far too long :wink:

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Personally, I don't think you should quote sayings from another forum. But that's me.....

in that case other forums shouldn't be posted up here to quote from....


Infiltrator, Life ain't safe mate. Jumping in your car to goto work ain't safe. But we all have to do it.....

Statistically Helicopters are safer than cars, but statistically how many car journeys are there compared to Helicopter trips?


Meanwhile, British Airline Pilots Association (Balpa) general secretary Jim McAuslan said he wanted the investigation into the crash to look at wider issues about safety within the industry.


He said: "I think what I'm saying, without evidence, but just checking the vibration checks within the industry at present, is that people are saying something is giving here.


"Something is giving. The commercial pressures are making safety give a bit. And that's the question, I think, that we need to ask."



Commercial pressures making safety give a bit?

but surely the oil industry has so much money the safety of it's employee's is paramount?

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sludgegulper wrote:

Personally, I don't think you should quote sayings from another forum. But that's me.....


in that case other forums shouldn't be posted up here to quote from....


At least put in your posts the source of your quotes.


One last question. Do you actually work in the aviation industry or do you get your information "second hand"?

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^if you'd bothered to read through the posts you'd have realised where they came from and why I'd posted them up there....


and as for your last question, wtf does that have to do with anything, this is a discussion forum last I noticed...we don't all have to be experts to ask questions!

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Max, I'm sorry if you think I'm flaming you, but I'm just putting some truth to the comments.


There is a point in any sequence of events, or emergency procedure where you run out of options. Military manuals might advise helpful final actions like bailing out; but in the realm of commercial aviation, there is a terrible point of no return in the event of a catastrophic occurence of certain types.


It is interesting to note that amazingly there was a survivor in the Cougar accident, and also a similarly amazing survivor from a PHI S76 accident in Houma, earlier this year.


Engineers may or may not go on air-tests, dependent on the relevance or expediency of them being there. Airtests are a mandated part of our operations.


It is not my intention to enter a never ending Internet battle over the detail of an unwinnable and frankly irrelevant argument. I have stated what I believe to be the truth. I am the source and sole producer of my opinions, but they are all based on facts and experience. I don't need PPruNe quoted, as if I want to know what is going on, I have been participating there for 10 years.


I do so sympathize with the families and colleagues of all these terrible tragedies that will affect them for the rest of their lives. Sadly I've been through more than my fair share of them myself.

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