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Mobile phone signal and service (coverage, contract, 3G etc)


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Can you imagine life without t'internet and mobiles?


Try moving tae waa's. miss my 3G up here anyway, but got no phone signal with out walking half way up one of the surrounding hills. Try explaining that to folk south. At least I can still text fae the computer - if only folk would believe me that I can't recieve them!

Ah well, you should have moved to Hillswick! :wink: Full Vodafone signal, up to 8 meg broadband, hotel, doctor, church, school, shop, hall. Hell, we've even got my neighbour broadcasting daily to the whole of Scotland from his crofthouse here! :shock:

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^^ Someone might have more detailed information, but I think Vodafone and O2 are still the best for coverage. My mobile is with Vodafone.


I wasn't sure about buying my internetty device as it was on Orange, but after the company assured me that I would be able to get a signal in Shetland > and I checked out the coverage maps, I decided to warily go for it. Can use it at or near home in Hillswick, Lerwick, lots of places. The Orange coverage maps shows the usual gaps around Voe & Kames area and gaps on the Westside and Yell, Unst, etc.

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Ah, orange is cheap you see. 10quid a phone and free phone calls to and from the house. It is also the only network I don't have to climb a hill for, it works in the back garden. just can never be arsed to go and use the mobile, it's the flying roof that kind of puts you off. T-mobile has also quite good coverage out west now. I used to live by the 4sims rule, that way you can take advantage of the best freebies, but not if you live in a blackspot I'm discovering.


Any one loose parts of their roof over the weekend? Bridge of Walls area? gathering it up at the moment please feel to claim.

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Anyone know if the Tmobile network is down in Central Shetland at the moment?

Usually works at least half decent but dissapeared completely after the last winds, rumour about a transmitter (?) blowing down on Bressay.


Any info beofr I get them to send another sim card?


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I have just phoned vodafone again, and they say that there is a dish that has been blown down in yell. It has blown completely away from the site.

There is also another mast down on the mainland in shetland.


The engineers will be in Yell to replace that dish tommorow.

The mast on the mainland will be repaired too... ...

so just more waiting patiently im afraid.... :( :(

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o2 is doon is Scalloway too and has been since Saturday morning. I'm getting a bit fed up with it noo too - how long is it going to take to fix it? Are they going to fix it? Do you get the feeling it's not a priority?

I've also noticed that the o2 reception in Lerwick is a bit patchier than normal.

I phoned o2 customer service tonight to complain and the mannie made me take out my sim card and put it back in again. I politely explained that the whole village was down but he made me do it anyway. I couldn't really be bothered so just pretended to :-) He asked where I was and then asked me what the population was in Shetland (not sure if he was genuinely interested/making chat or what). After i told him he looked up a log of where there were problems and asked if I was in the North West of Scotland as there were recognised problems currently there.

I tried to get him to narrow things down a bit and explained that not all of Shetland was down .............. but no joy. North West of Scotland was my location as far as he was concerned. Not very helpful

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Any Update..


Vodafone still down in Tingwall... :(


Starting to get really Mad :twisted:


Same in Yell and Mossbank ect


Firth/Mossbank yes, but I went up to Unst first thing yesterday morning, about halfway across yellsound the mobile started ringing and the signal was fine all through Yell and Unst (except normal blackspots, obviously).


This was both for my own PAYG and the work contract phone.


So much for a peaceful day :D

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Mhari - I know it's no consolation > but your experiences mirror those of folk in Ollaberry and other areas with sporadic broadband problems. A major task just to convince the operative that there really is a problem affecting the area, not just you and no, it's not your router, sim card, etc etc.. :(


I mentioned the current mobile problems to my contact > in Shetland News yesterday. They were somewhat taken up yesterday with the Hazel Minn story but hopefully might look into the mobile problems.

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It is such a discrace..


Im so mad at the moment. Because I am on-call for work then everything goes to my mobile and im sitting here with no signal.

And as soon as yuo hit lerwick then your mobile wont shut up because you are suddenly getting through 2 days of texts and missed phone calls...





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