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Mobile phone signal and service (coverage, contract, 3G etc)


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All of you out there with contract phones have you checked how long it is until you're due for compensation? It always used to be that it was a few quid off. You're paying for a service that they are failing to provide. If it's buisness contract even more so.

If you get the west of Scotland thing try a wee bit of exageration. "Do you know where Norway is?" I find works quite well.

If an english call centre "unless your in Norwich I'm just a bit further east than you," should embarrass the operator enough, mainly cause it's very unlikely they know where Norwich is, but know they should.

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Thanks to Pete for running a story on Shetland News and at least providing us with some information. :)


As my mobile had sprung back into life on Sunday, I wasn't too concerned about my Pocketsurfer as it's not essential and I presumed it would come back on shortly..


As it's been off since Sat 5th and this is now Friday 10th, I thought I really should try and report it to Orange. Not easy since I don't have a mobile number... Eventually found out that I can't report the fault as I'm not registered on their system - I'd have to report it to Pocketsurfer.


Have just had a frustrating call to Pocketsurfer support, trying to make them understand what the problem is. After various questions, the girl asked me to go to the window. I asked why and she said it was to see if I could get a signal. I told her that wouldn't make any difference. I had been able to get a signal before - this was a network problem, there were hundreds or could be thousands of people affected across various networks, including Orange. The girl looked at where I am on a coverage map and twittered on about 'some of it is orange, some of it is white..' What she was meaning was that she was querying whether I could get a signal. Argh! I've been getting a signal. It went off on Sat 5th, probably due to gales and it's a probably a due to a mast down but Orange won't let me report it and say I have to report it to you..


God, they don't make it easy, whether you're reporting mobile or broadband network problems.


She says she's going to follow it up and will ring back. Hmm..


As I say, this isn't a life or death matter but it certainly isn't easy reporting problems. Hope the rest of you with problems get sorted soon.

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