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Mobile phone signal and service (coverage, contract, 3G etc)


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sorry dunky, tis the other way round (just been off the phone to them)

my old sim card gave an excellent signal, the new one not so.

I called technical support and they told me that they used to use both O2 and Orange and have since dropped Orange as a carrier.


they could have told me that before I took a new contract..barstewards!!



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I'm a little confused as what we were told 2 months ago was the opposite (that they had droped O2!) and that was how we managed to get my wife out of the contract by saying that they had changed carriers.


I would fight to get out of the contract thats what we did. It sounds like they dont know whats going on them selves

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apologies Dunky, you were right!

spoke to someone else on friday and it was definately O2 they dropped...


managed to get out of my contract on the "intermitent reception" clause

well that's if the contracts cancelation dept actually ever get back to me!


back to vodafone for me when this is finally over :)



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Anyone having problems with Orange?


I'm sat having just registered a friends new orange phone and cant seem to get service or a top up on the phone. The website and phoneline helpdesk also seem to get me nowhere due to to "technical problems".


Seems like we picked the wrong night to do it, but just a bit annoying when a new phone simply won't work and neither do the helplines.

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Ok, finally found out what was going on with Orange.


Seems their website and helpline were down. Phone system was working fine though. The problem was the signal is lousy at my house, but the phone bizzarely was showing full signal strength inside where it wouldn't work, and the signal strength indicator went to zero if you took it to a window where it did work fine!


Just thought i'd post this in case it saves anyone else a few exasparating hours with the same problem. The phone is a Samsung G600. No idea why the signal strength indcator seems to work in reverse, but that apart there was actually nothing wrong with it.

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Hi there.

I received a call the day aboot a new phone contract and took them up it for a trial.


It's on the 3 network.

I'm a voda die hard and told him we aint got 3g up here yet but anyways.


Does any one have any experience with three up here?

I'm always around Shetland we my work so a good signal is important!

The man on the phone said that they use 02's network so I should be fine?


Any information would be greatly appreciated


Cheers for noo



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