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I´m back


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I wonder why he went away in the first place. :?

Presumably to seek enlightenment, fame and fortune.

Then he came back but only long enough to make one posting.

Now he's gone again, presumably to seek more enlightenment, fame and fortune.

I wonder what he will bring back with him when he next returns? :roll:



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Jayzus H on a non-fruit branded MP3 player! I'm back as well, but yez don't hear me bangin on about it, d'yez?!


Leo K? Not Leo feckn Kessler perchance? aka alledged author o' numerous s****house collections o' toilet paper, loosely described as novels, celebratin' theat noble bunch o' fellers that were the Third Reich?! No? Oh well, I can rest easy in me lazyboy recliner in me own personal GCHQ, as I monitor Twitter, Facebook, Bebo, MySpace, MyBook (The almost unreadable Illuminati Trilogy at the moment. Re-treadin the lunacy of my life in the '80's!!), and throw popcorn at these dumb ass lyin feckers on Question Time!


Back in this haven te de-stress an straightaway some numpty raises me blood pressure with inane rubbish like this! Must be related te the Koy-boy!! (Jest kiddin, babez! Missed yer eloquence an lunacy!! :P :wink: )

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It's not Gary Glitter by any chance? I do recall him once saying:


"Hello, Hello. It's good to be back, it's good to be back.

Hello, Hello. It's good to be back, it's good to be back.

Did you miss me, Yeah, while I was away,

did you hang my picture on your wall


I'm back, I'm back as a matter of fact,

as a matter of fact I'm back"


If its you Mr Gadd. . . Goodbye!

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I found the post from "abraxas" very sad. Pood soul lost in confusion...



Truth of the matter is I certainly have not confused the forum with orklink and am indeed a very good friend of Shetland and all Shetlanders past and present...



Please take any future posts as an attempt to be constructive...

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