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I´m back


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Halloooooooooooo right backatcha, leek meboy! :P


Koy-Boy! How are yez, me ol' chumblebum?? (We don't need another hero, eh? :wink: ). Long time, no hear/read/absorb energies from the ether! I've been prompted te post after all this time away by my ol' WWII-writin chum, Leo K. Hope that life is treatin yez kindly an that ye"re still on the Lithium? It's bloody marvellous, innit??


Leo, I'm in a permanent state o' confusion and discombobulation, matey-boy! Yez just happen te contribute te it raaaather heavily, is all. We're born confused, we die confused an those o us in a state o marriage know that the bit in between is pretty well taken care o by the spouse.


Anyways, I'm off sharpish afore Leo sends his tanks after me!


Mañana!! :wink:

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