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^^ ^^


Correct! "when they can be bothered".


I see cars, Vans etc driving along commercial street long after the so called time limit without any regard for pedestrians. As for no parking on Market cross.. well it is a "free for all" with so many parked cars some delivery vehicles (and cars dropping people off) cannot turn around the cross without first doing a "Multi" point turn!



I never thought I would utter these words but...



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When do you ever see the police on the street nowadays? it's a nightmare trying to walk along the street, especially with young kids. This morning was terrible, every corner had a car parked, and ones trying to squeeze past. now i know why i'm not on the street as much as i used to be!

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I didn't know it was illegal to park for 15 mins with a disk showing in the street between the Times book shop and the RBS, you can only park the right hand side of the disabled spaces further down.

As you can guess i was MOVED on by 2 plods :wink:


Ironically as soon as they disappeared, the spaces filled up again!

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Simple bit of law........parking in the disc zone limited to marked spaces only. Says so on signs as you enter the zone.


Glad to hear that the police are doing something about parking and people being on the pedestrian bit of the street when they ought not to be.

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I was along the street just before 5 tonight and saw the Police van stopped on the street apparently dishing out tickets to cars parked and driving over the street! They created quite a traffic jam on that busy little stretch of road.


Ten minutes later when walking back, there was no sign of Police and I counted 23 cars either driving or parked illegally.


I think it's gonna take more than a 10 minute blitz every 6 months or so to have any effect. People are well aware that the chances of being caught are next to zilch!

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