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Laws of the land.


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Thank "god"!! I was just about to give up on you guys.! Well welcome aboard freemen/women. Guy's i'm so happy, i can't convey my excitement.

So what first? SIC first. Infiltrate and assimilate.



Go my brothers and sisters. Do what must be done. Did sherlock join us??.... :D


..... and they all lived happily ever after.


Next week, another one of our classic fairy tales.

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Ermmm... uhm... He said he'd be along later, I think he's combin his bellybutton fer fluff te finish weavin inte that Tibetan mandala rug he wis talkin about on that other forum, whoopwhooploopyloo-link. But he wants us te go on over there an start without him. Darn! I fergut me jacket. Yez go along without me, an I'll be riiiight over... That's it, good feller...


Quick! Jaysus! C'mon, he could be back any sec! Soljey... The Hammer! Nederlander, ye get the Nails! I'll hold the wood! Sandbags! Who's got the sandbags?!! Oh! Thanks Bean. ... Bean?!! Ah shoiters!!! :shock: :? :( :oops:


Signin off fer a few weeks, kiddywinks, it's been... Well, it's been.

Keep fightin the good fight.

May the road rise wit yez. (it does te me, most every time I'm on the shandies! Ouch!) :oops: :wink:


Wibble, Bean, wibble!! :P :P 8)

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