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Shetland Football results 2009


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Whalsay 2 up at half-time but Delting deserved the 3pts with the 2nd half performance.


Even their local ref could'na help the bonnie isle boys to a win but boy did he try.


Is dat right!?!?!?


I don't want to sound like "sour grapes" as Delting beat us fair and square and for the second half were obviously much the better team and therefore i have no gripes about the scoreline..... but to say we were aided in any way by the referee is unbelievable.


I think for the first half both sides got away with murder but thats what happens when the ref doesn't get a grip early on (which he needed to do). As for saying he favoured us, well i could point out a fair few instances for us where we feel we received a raw deal.


What i will say is the referee was put in an awakward situation given that his son was playing in the match, maybe the association might want to look at that one for future reference.

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Basically, Scalloway are missing alot of there big players, through injury, work etc. There just seems to be alot less players available to the manager, at least half of the b team have been called up to play with the A team due to the lack op players.

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As a neutral spectator who went up to Brae to watch the big game I thought it was a great game of football.


Yes there were a few big challenges going in as I would expect from a Whalsay, Delting game and a few off the ball challenges as well.


The first thing I noticed was that the ref's son was indeed playing for Whalsay which can work both way's.

It does put him in a difficuit position and not one I would have liked to been in.


I don't think the ref had a bad game he tried to keep the game flowing and if he would have taken a card out early on we would have been lucky to have 11 players on each team on at the end.


I think Whalsay's first goal looked offside but the angle I was at in the car with the wipers going it was hard to tell but the Delting linesman did flag.


A Delting player could and maybe should have been booked in the first half for a challenge where he won the ball but did follow through.

A Whalsay player had some after's off the ball that the ref never saw.


Delting got a penalty which it was.

By my watch the ref played about 6 minutes injury time.


All in all the decisions were not to bad but will alway be scrutinised in such a big game.


I think Delting edged it and deserved the 3 points it could have been more than 3-2 to end up with.

But to say the ref favoured Whalsay is unfair.


What a great result for Yell.

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Congratulations to Yell.

It's good to see that, in general, the league is looking a bit tighter.




Even their local ref could'na help the bonnie isle boys to a win but boy did he try.


Can't beat a nice bit of controversy thrown into the mix!! :D

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G&S Flooring Premier league 4-5-09


Delting 11 - Yell 1


Spurs 1 - Whalsay 1


Thistle 2 - Ness United 5

Scorer for Thistle Craig Gerty(2) Scorers for Ness Grant Redfern(2) Kevin Smith, Kieran Malcolmson, and a Thistle own goal.


Scalloway 1 - Whitedale 3


Unst 1 - Celtic 6



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Thistle 2 - Ness United 5


Wow! And :D


Well done lads.



Hear hear..!!! :D


Brilliant result. Let's hope Ness kick on now and go from strength to strength.


Evokes memories of those halcyon days back sometime. :wink:

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Shetland Chiropractic Reserve League


Whalsay 6 - Ness United 2


Scorers for Whalsay Martin Stevenson, Gary Sandison, Danny Irvine and Geordie Irvine(2) with a OG from a Ness defender as well. Scorers for Ness were Kyle Malcolmson and Michael Farmer.


Delting 1 - Spurs 0


Celtic 6 - Whitedale 1

Scorers for Celtic Davy Reynolds(2) Scott Anderson(2) and Justin Watson(2)

Scorer for Whitedale was Vinnie Walterson


Scalloway 4 - Thistle 5

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Madrid Cup Draw


Preliminary Round


Whalsay v Scalloway 8-5-09 @ Harbison Park


Quarter Finals 15-5-09


Thistle v Celtic at Gilbertson


Ness United v Delting at Boddam


Whalsay v Whitedale at Harbison Park


Yell v Spurs at Mid-Yell


Semi-Finals 22-5-09


Whalsay v Thistle


Ness United v Spurs






Final 30-5-09 Gilbertson Park 3pm Kick-off

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