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Shetland Football results 2009


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Last night unst totally out played a strong delting team. Unsts first goal came from the penalty spot when Erik Thomson ran past the defence and got chopped down. Thomson then converted to make it one nil.


In the second half Alan Duncan got Delting back on even terms with a curled pass into the top corner. Some people might of thought that this would be the start of a delting win but Unst went straight back up the pitch and applied more pressure.


The pressure payed off when from a corner he returning Neily Laurenson placed a header just out of the delting defender who was on the lines reach.


At this point the game look extremely even with delting looking strong from set pieces and unst looking like either one of the talented Thomson brothers could put the ball in the net at any time.


But apart from unsts sleek passing moves up the pitch it was deltin who scored next. A fee kick from around the half way line on the far left hand side was wipped in and Peter Peterson was at hand to place the ball just out of the keepers reach.


Now where other teams may have folded Unst drew strength with Matthew Mouat and captain Darren Thomson making sure no heads were down. Delting also looked stronger but still only looked like scoring from set pieces.


unst had a flurry of chances from Neily Laurenson putting a shot past the post to an Erik Thomson thunderbolt that rattled the bar. But with Delting always looking dangerous you could never be sure what was going to happen next. unst could of had a few more chances but the linesman ruled Erik thomson offside several times. The Unst crowd on the linesmans side were getting worked up and "Saunders isna even yun bad" was even heard.


but with only minutes to go the younger Thomson stepped up to the plate. with a gut busting run he ran up the pitch to catch up with older brother Erik who was taking the ball down the left wing. with lay off perfect David proceded to smash the ball into the top corner. This sent the unst fans into hysterics with a minor pitch invasion occuring. then the crowd fell silent in the anticipation of the final whistle. then the excitement broke free and to the back bar it went.


Apart from unst goal scorers goalkeeper Michael Thomson produced a few wonder saves witch promted the crowd to ask "who needs Liam Spence?"

Darren Thomson was dominant at the back and Mouat put in a good shift.

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Madrid Cup Final Result


Spurs 3 - 4 Whalsay (aet)


Spurs scorers: James Johnson (pen) and Connel Gresham 2


Whalsay: 1 own goal, Stuart Shearer, Laurence Pearson and Gary Jamieson


Some game, Spurs 3-0 up with 25 mins left.

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G&S Flooring Premier League 1/6/09


Ness Utd 1 - Celtic 4

Scorer for Ness John Robert Burgess Scorers for celtic Ali sim, Justin Watson, Jordan Webb(2)


Yell o - Whalsay 8

Scorers for Whalsay Laurence Pearson(4) Stuart Shearer(2) Karl Williamson, Davie Williamson


Whitedale 3 - Spurs 6


Scalloway 2 - Delting 4

Scorers for Scalloway David Sjoberg and John-Brian Adamson

Scorers for Delting Bryden Mouat(2) Peter Peterson and Merv Jamieson

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I'm trying to keep the Shetland tables up to date at my site (http://roonba.50webs.com) along with all the other Scottish tables.


Anybody know the Works results from the weekend?


Malakoff v Shetland Banks

Mossbank v Wastside Rebels

Burra v Dynamo Chernobyl

Lerwick PL v West Linga Ramblers


Have a look at the following sites mcruic if you don't see it posted here,










There results usually go up quite quick, if that doesn't have them all then you can get the previous weeks results from the shetland times online round about friday afternoons. Failing that then use the contact us section on the Tizers site cos the guy that updates that is the league secretary.

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