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Dissertation project - Can you spare a couple of minutes?

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Hello everyone! as promised I thought i'd post just a summary of some of the findings for those who are curious.


The research focused on five objectives; Investigate the attitudes towards seeking opinions of products and services online; Discover the main factors behind spreading opinions online; To determine attitudes towards availability of opinions online; To see if there is more usage of online communication that traditional means of spreading word-of-mouth; To assess if there are still trust issues with eletronic Word-Of-Mouth.


It was found that trust issues have been ironed out however there is still some issues to be dealt with. There was not more usage of online communication than traditional means however it has certainly created another medium for people to interact with each other. There were mixed attitudes towards the availability of opinions online, there was many aware of review sites however they did not use them intentionally, instead they were thought of a by-product of a search engine.


It was found people were spreading opinions online due to being happy with the product of service, (previous studies have been aimed at negative word-of-mouth.)


Generally attitudes towards seeking opinions of products and services online was one of convenience. Although there was cases of consumers going out of their way to search for product reviews, most would only do so if they are already on the internet.


Overall the internet has made it easier for people to get a wider selection of opinions however, from this research, it does not seem to have encouraged the spreading of word-of-mouth, rather it is just being used as another medium of communication.

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