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Which food do you really hate?


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Tomatoes (as grown only, pureed etc is fine), all nuts, all green leafy veg/herbs unless boiled cabbage or sprouts, all raw veg, raw apples, cooked they're good, coffee I'll drink (slowly) if offered it, but will never choose it, chocolate itself is good, but cocoa or anything "chocolate flavoured"...ickh...ickh...ickh.


It may seem I'm a fussy beggar when it comes to food, but on the flip side, I do eat, and enjoy a lot of things that I've had folk leaving the table around me in disgust at.


P.S. Liver is delicious, whit ails you?!? :wink:

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Guest Anonymous


Don't knock Sprouts, they are an acquired taste. And for other members of the household, an acquired smell.

But the main pleasure of eating sprouts is being able to lift a duvet several feet in the air without even touching it.


:lol: :lol:

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