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Which food do you really hate?


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Guest posiedon
prisons have better catering than this rig(sea hotel?)

Can I make a guess? Is your catering provided by an "agency"? Who pay minimum wage and treat their (untrained/unqualified) staff like shiite.

You guys working offshore do a difficult and dangerous job, the least they can do is to provide you with decent grub.

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^^^ :lol:


There's loads of things I don't like, to name a few:



Pork (that includes gammon, ham, bacon etc. the thought of eating the latter makes me ill)

Avocados (only for eating, but okay in Original Source bath products, they apparently have restoratives in them)

Brussels sprouts

Mushrooms (whole, but in soup they're magic)

Tomatoes (whole or in sannies, but mixed into mince, bolognese etc they're great)

Carbonara pasta

Baked beans (yes, I'm a student. Your point?)

Mashed tatties (I can eat them in any other form but the texture bothers me)

Tofu (about the only thing I'd consciously avoid eating in Japan, apart from the rasher of bacon my host mother placed on my plate one morning)


I'll tell you more as I remember them...

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