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Which food do you really hate?


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^^ I'll have your's then, I like Tapioca and Semolina. :wink: The school stuff did tend to be brawly thin, weak and tasteless though. :(


You can have my share of the peas, and just about all school veg in return. Tauties, neeps, carrots, it was all minging, poor quality rubbish badly cooked. Just about the only veg I ever ate in school canteens was baked beans and beetroot....almost certainly the only veg they served that came in tins or jars too.


The Boddam school served a form of "milk" along with some puddings, I use the term "milk" loosely, it was liquid, and of a generally white colour, but that was the only comparisons. It was repulsive, it had only minimal taste, which was undescribably disgusting, and it was usually a bit warm. Poured over any sort of bready type pud, as intended, it was identical to soaking the bread in tepid water. http://i460.photobucket.com/albums/qq330/Redneck_Hillbilly0504/SickAnimated.gif http://i460.photobucket.com/albums/qq330/Redneck_Hillbilly0504/SickAnimated.gif http://i460.photobucket.com/albums/qq330/Redneck_Hillbilly0504/SickAnimated.gif

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Innocent smoothies, yuck, I hate their adverts as well as their smoothies. They have favourite fruits in it but when you try it, you change mind quickly and burst the carton with your foot and saying "revenge to them darn smoothies!"






They're better for you than concentrated fruit juice, I might add

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