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Isn't Neighbours good?  

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  1. 1. Isn't Neighbours good?

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There is certainly a lot to be said for that. I can see why Karl left Suzie K. I mean, she was a bit plane Jane until she did her hair and then came through to living room dressed in some hott nightwear, only to see KK passed out drunk on the couch.


Izzy certainly pepped his life up - even if she did ruin his life and break his marriage up, only for that towel Alex to move in on his turf. Thank god he pegged it. I hated him.

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I was in the Sky Mangel camp until Elle came along. Now i can't decide.

Izzy would be great for a mistress so long as you gave her a false name, address, and telephone number. Or maybe fine to meet on holiday. I doot she'd be a ruination hame aboot.



Onywye, hooray for Harry "The Dark Angel" Bishop, attempted murder using his secret Sally Army training, and he's getting away we it. Finish the job Hazza.


"Robbo! Robbo! Robbo!" you eens said? I canna beleive it. What can i say:

"The dark side,in it, you are" in a yoda voice.



oh yeah, Alex and his sprogs should be in a different program, as annoyoing as they are. Maybe Eastenders.

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Ohh!! The river of the soul!!!!! Mmm! MMm! mMmmMMm!




Cringe TV or whit?


What a guy, and chattin up da young lasses efterwirds as weel


I thought he sounded lik "morrissey sings country" mesell


I pity the cast, take him oot Hazza! Yun singin is anidder afront tae da lord :wink:

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I so much want to say what happens with Paul, Harold etc but dont want to ruin it. Lets just say beware the lady Mcbeth!



Yun wis a particularly apt description of her, Styles, it's all suddenly getting interesting again.


See yun robbo and his restaurant? What a scumbag. I hope he gets cockroaches.

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