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Isn't Neighbours good?  

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  1. 1. Isn't Neighbours good?

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half man, half machine


What does it mean...what does MEEAAAANN.


I know that young Robbo does knock off a cast member. I won't say who for now.


And Jimmy...I can't actually remember what happened towards the end of yesterday. One twist in the episode was evil young Robbo (Rob Robinson) taking the identity of good young Robbo (Cameron Robertson - who is in a coma) and going to visit his old man. Rob blew up the plane, that could have been the twist.


I suggest in future bucking up your ideas and actually watching the show, or at least, get a friend to record it and then fail to give the disc back.

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Her song is on the music channels on sky a fair bit, it has really grown on me. When Izzy had that poor baby last night I wondered if she might use it in some voodo practice.


What do people think of the evil twin Robo and his dastardley plans for Paul and all close to him? A real chip off the block.

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Conner RIP


Crying shame that the wee leprachaun has passed on and he didn't even get a shag oot o Carmelia before she became a nun.[/


What happened?


As usual when something good happens on neighbours i missed it. I assume it was Robbo. last I saw was tuesday when he locked Conner in the house.

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What happened to Connor? I seem to have missed numerous episodes recently, right when it seems to be getting ridiculously interesting. Saw yesterdays episode. Complete nonsense if you ask me.


Classic bomb device Cam/Robert used as well, complete with traditional red digital countdown device. Where on earth do you purchase such an item?

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