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What did you do when you were a kid?

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Auld cars, tractors, gurdies an bikes were the staple of playtime.


Did a lot of wirm/hook fishing in burns an lochs. Beaches and the aforementioned banks when you got out o spygless range..


Early attempts at drystone walling building Action Man fortresses wi da stones off the rigs.


Nothing I wouldn;t do now come to think of it! :D

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Guest Anonymous
I used to be a toxophilite.... I was a Master at Arms at 15


I thought for a minute that you were referring to something you caught from kissing a girl,, until I realised that cupid's arrow didn't come into the same class of archery. :wink:

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Digging in the ebb for crabs. Swimming, swimming and swimming - from Easter until it got too dark after getting off the schoolbus. Diving and snorkelling. Playing in boats and punts. Making rafts. Catching sillocks, piltocks and spearing flukes. Chasing cattle and sheep. Lambing. Riding bikes, jumping over things with bikes. Driving anything we could get a key for, or get started! Snogging. Reading. Pretending to race every broken down car we could get in. Smoking. Drinking beer. Chasing girls. Teenage discos. Eela PU's. Beach BBQ's. Motorbikes. Racing tractors. Off roading with Land rovers. Shooting everything in sight with air-guns, rifles and shotguns. Climbing cliffs. Walking. Exploring. Listening to Radio Luxemberg. Parties. Fighting with the ant-hill mob. Hostel dances. Hostel girls. Dancing. 45's. Snaring rabbits. Using whippets. Making huge kites and being chased by the airport firemen. Riding bikes up and down the runways. Playing golf. Kicking footballs at the planes on final approach as they passed over the school! Boys Brigade. Sunday school football league. Awful bus trips. Going to Lerwich being a BIG adventure. The Gulberwick short-cut. Killing rats. Shooting black-backs. Working creels. Walking the banks. Big wood salvage. Playing with dogs. Provoking ponies to run. Cutting, hauling and stacking peats. Collecting cards. Collecting old ammunition and other WW2 scraps. Catching benties. Entire days in the summer at the beach. Long summer nights. Troots. Cutting the grass for pocket money. Picking tatties. Singling neeps. Camping. 500. Whist and beetle drives.


Rarely watched TV. Listened to the radio all the time (still do), and read continuously (less now).


Great life.

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